Steel City – A styled shoot from Victoria Made ‘Couture Wedding Cakes’

This afternoon I have another styled shoot for you, and I’m delighted that is from my good friend Victoria from Victoria Made ‘Couture Wedding Cakes’ with the amazing images from S6 Photography

Victoria Made

Victoria makes exquisite wedding cakes, if you remember I featured her in November in my Boho Loves feature. Her work stands alone as simplistic works of art and this can be seen even more clearly in this stunning shoot! She has taken some of Sheffield’s oldest backdrop and juxtaposed it against her beautiful and carefully crafted cakes.

Victoria Made Victoria Made

I’ll pass the blog over to Victoria and let her explain her reasons behind the shoot.

‘The shoot had been something I wanted to do for some time, I really wanted to do something a bit different and something that maybe showed wedding cakes off in a different light in an environment you would never normally find one. The chance to get some of Sheffield’s industrial heritage in was really important as a way of showcasing the up and coming creative industries against the old’

Victoria Made

Victoria Made Victoria Made Victoria Made Victoria Made

‘The building was fascinating if not a bit sad to see the machinery long stopped, but the whole effect was very atmospheric (bar the pigeon whatsit…) with so many photo opportunities. I was also aware that anything photographed in there had nowhere to hide either, no chance of elevating something a bit bland with a pretty background and styling, so the cakes and other items really did have to hold their own and I hope they do.’

Victoria Made Victoria Made Victoria Made Victoria Made Victoria Made Victoria Made

‘The next shoot coming up soon will be pretty much the complete opposite so really excited about it, again will be minimal styling and hoping the cakes will speak for themselves! I’m really loving this part of the job and will be working hard to make sure that all of my future shoots will be just that little bit different and hope that everyone enjoys them as much as me.’

Victoria Made Victoria Made Victoria Made Victoria Made Victoria Made Victoria Made Victoria Made

Supplier shout Outs
Would like to thank the awesome Sheffield wedding talent (which seems to be exploding at the mo!) with their help and donations of items –


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    Mary Jeremiah

    Amazing. The cakes look wonderful, bouquets adorable, JP dresses never fail to impress and the styling is an amazing juxtaposition of two opposing items. As a sheffield girl (now living an hours drive down the M1) its great to see the old buildings used again. Go Sheffield wedding folk!!!

    Jennie Beard

    Beautiful cakes, great photos, stunning dress and bouquets! Thanks Victoria for letting me be involved. It was a fun morning and certainly worth the cold and the pigeon whatsit!

    Debbie Carlisle

    Love, love, love this shoot – especially the idea of choosing a gritty industrial background with contrasts with the luxurious wedding cakes etc – as Victoria says, it really lets the designs speak for themselves, and the result is just beautiful! Thank you Victoria for inviting my jewellery bouquets to be a part of this piece of gorgeousness! xxx


    Great images! The black cake looks Amazing especially in that setting! A Very unique shoot!

    Carlene, Naturally Yours Events

    This is one of the best photo shoots I have ever seen. Your creative genius is so inspiring. I have always wanted to showcase items commonly used in weddings in an environment that you wouldn’t associate with beauty. This shoot leaves me in awe and so inspired.


    Pretty cakes. she is a real artist. I can’t think of someone eating it. Isn’t it beautiful?

    Best Wishes
    SM Wedding Planners – Chennai


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