Ask The Experts: Questions to Ask Before Buying an Engagement Ring

The journey to buying an engagement ring is both exciting and challenging. There are a lot of things to consider before making the right decision. From choosing the correct ring size to the centre stone and deciding on where to buy an engagement ring, the process can be stressful,  after all, an engagement  ring is one of the major purchases you will ever make. So today we are here to help and offer some first class advice on what you you need to think about before making that big purchase. Here is a list of questions you should ask to narrow down your options to help you find that perfect engagement ring.

Questions To Ask Before Choosing An Engagement Ring

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What’s their Ring Size?

Well, long before you start with your engagement ring buying process, you should be sure of your partner’s ring size. Also, knowing the ring size in advance can make your buying process easier. If you both are planning the purchase together, you can easily ask them to come along to the jeweller. But, if you are planning to surprise them, finding the accurate ring size is again a challenge.
You could ask their friends and family or you can secretly borrow one of their rings and get it sized by the jeweller. Another way is to tie a thread on her ring finger in some way and measure the thread with respect to the ring size measurement.

What Ring Style Do They Prefer?

Knowing the favourite ring style of your partner is another crucial aspect of buying the ring. You may have an idea about their preference, but it’s always a good idea to double-check. There is an enormous variety of engagement ring styles from size to colour and cut. Try knowing their ring style. You could ask her to join you for window shopping where you can get a hint. Or simply ask her if it’s going to be a planned ceremony.

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Is The Ring Metal Durable?

If the ring you have chosen is made of a softer metal, such as silver or gold, it will be more prone to wear and tear. Think about this aspect and consider your options, if there’s no fixed preference. There are more durable alternatives to silver and gold such as platinum. However, these are more expensive. Before choosing the ring material, make sure you are comfortable with the durability of the metal, its price, and appearance.

Does the Stone Have A Grading Report?

Many diamonds come with a grading report from organizations like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). One should learn about these reports prior to buying a diamond. These reports contain every detail about a diamond, which includes the 4Cs and the origin of the stone. This report assures you that you are buying an authentic diamond, not a false one.

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Can The Ring Be Modified, If Needed?

You may need to modify your engagement ring in the future. Maybe, the ring doesn’t fit anymore, or you may want some enhancement. Whatever be the reason, you should buy a ring that can be modified easily. Ask the jeweller if the ring can be resized or upgraded. You wouldn’t also want a ring design that is costlier to repair or modify.

What Cleaning And Maintenance Are Recommended For The Ring?

Engagement rings are undoubtedly designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear. However, they are invincible by no means. You need to maintain and clean them regularly for them to stay as beautiful and pristine as they are now.
While there are many DIY ring cleaning ways, asking the jeweller in advance is recommended. Ask your jeweller if there are specific instructions for your ring when it comes to its maintenance. If you or your partner have a tight schedule and won’t be able to clean the ring regularly, you can always consult professional ring cleaners.

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Are There Any Warranties and Return Policies?

Ask your jeweller whether the engagement ring comes with a service plan that covers future repairs. Also, ensure you are informed about the terms of coverage. You may , at some point, need something fixed on your ring, so don’t overlook this aspect.
In addition, ask to see the stone’s certificate for quality if you buy a diamond ring. Getting a ring with a return policy is the best deal you can find. Do not forget to inquire about other warranties covering your ring and its stones.

Does The Ring Have Sharp Edges? 

If your engagement ring has sharp and pointed edges, your partner may feel uncomfortable wearing it. It’s not possible to determine how a ring feels by just looking at it. Hence, make sure you try it once before purchasing it and ensure it comfortably sits on your partner’s finger.



So there it is! Having answers to these questions will make your engagement ring buying an informed decision. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime purchase in most cases.



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