Ask the Experts: Step by Step Guide to Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

As I’m sure you are aware it is coming up to Christmas. Why am I mentioning this? Well Christmas and New Year see the highest rate of engagements in the whole of the year. Christmas Day and New Years Eve are THE most popular dates to get engaged, so now is prime engagement ring buying time! However, the process of choosing the right diamond ring is not as simple as it sounds. Engagement rings are expensive and it is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime purchase so you need to get it right. For those of you who are a little lost with the whole ‘which ring shall I buy’ conundrum, I have the perfect solution: expert advice with this step by step guide to buying a diamond engagement ring or a Vintage Engagement Ring. All the help you need to make sure you get your future wife or husband the ring of their dreams.

Step by step guide to buying a diamond engagement ring


Buying a diamond ring should involve a fair amount of research. First, you have to get familiar with your significant other’s personal style and taste. It is something that your partner will be wearing for the rest of his/her life so you need to consider their preferences.
If you have just met and you are not too sure of their preferences, you can contact their sibling or friends. You might be able to find something useful on their social media accounts. For instance, checking out her Pinterest boards would give you an idea of whether she likes classics, custom, modern, or vintage designs.

Spend some time on the Internet comparing prices. You will find much better prices online as compared to high-end brands. Don’t be afraid of buying from someone in another country. For example, Dubai engagement ring stores might be able to offer better prices because of lower VAT and import duties. Just make sure that you are buying from a reliable business. Go through their reviews and business details like office address, Return or shipment policies. Also, check if they provide GIA grading certifications.

Set Your Budget

A general rule that is sometimes passed off as a tradition (but is not), is to set aside your three month’s salary for an engagement ring. However, it is not a hard-and-fast rule. You must not spend more than what you are comfortable spending.
Set a spending limit before you go out shopping. There are many ways to save some bucks while shopping for a diamond ring. If you have a low budget and want a big-sized ring, you can compromise on clarity and color. You can also go for a slightly small carat of the stone to stay within your budget.

Be Mindful of the 4C’s

The 4Cs are the key to buying a quality diamond ring. A diamond’s quality depends on clarity, color, carat, and cut. The diamond really has to be ‘colorless’ (even though colored diamonds are getting in trends these days). Diamonds are graded from D to Z in terms of colors where D denotes colorless and Z means a yellow-tinged diamond.

  • If a completely colorless diamond is out of your budget, you can go for the ones that seem colorless to the naked eyes. Check the stone against a white background to see if the yellow tinge is clearly visible. If the yellow tone is still not visible, you can buy it even if it is not graded as D.
  • Coming to the clarity, the scale starts from Internally Flawless (IF) to Included I(3), IF being the highest. Again, the imperfections are not always visible to the naked eye and you can get these diamonds at a much cheaper price. Normally, a reasonable diamond can be found within the VS-I-VS2 range.
  • Carat is the stone’s weight and has 100 points (subunits). If your future spouse is more conscious about the stone’s size, you can compromise on Color or Clarity, and if your fiancé wants a sparkling, clear gem, you can go for a smaller size.
  • Cut happens to be the fourth “C” and it determines the gem’s polish and symmetry. It defines the way light is reflected by the crystals in the diamond. It is important to work with an experienced diamond curator because nothing affects the ring’s overall look and quality as much as the cut.

Deciding the Metal

The metal should complement the diamond and it should be durable because the ring will be in daily use for a long time. Traditionally, gold is used as a metal for the diamond rings. If you are going for gold as the ring’s metal, remember that carat represents the diamond’s weight, and not the gold’s weight. You have several color options with gold and you can get the ring tailored to your preferences. Presently, rose gold is a popular choice while a blend of silver or copper with gold is common too.


Follow these tips and you will be able to get the best diamond in your given budget. Many diamond ring designers will be happy to work with you and design a custom ring that meets all your requirements.





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