‘Holly’s Christmas Wish’ A Very Merry Christmas Styled Shoot

Merry Christmas everyone and happy Christmas Eve Eve! How are you all? This is the last post from me before the big day, so here’s wishing you all an absolutely fantastic Christmas. I hope you all get chance to stop, breath and take stock of the year behind us. To enjoy time with friends and family and to really take care of yourselves. To make you feel super festive I have saved this amazing Christmas Eve styled shoot till today. It features the most wonderful Christmas Eve wedding and a visit form the big man himself!! The shoot took place in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at Lionsgate Event Center Lafayette, Colorado. It has o be THE most festive shoot I have ever seen, so I hope you enjoy it!

In a world where, currently, any type of celebrating is frowned upon, we wanted to celebrate the season of hope, love, and joy. We wanted to take a journey through a little girl’s eyes where she tells Santa her Christmas Wish and then 20 years later, that dream is realized

Her Christmas Wish: There’s an old saying, “It is always darkest before dawn.” Sometimes, believing in those words is all we have. 2020 has been a dark time for too many of us when all around the world, devastation and hatred seems to be the only news we receive. Once a year, we have a chance to celebrate Christmas and the joy that comes with this season. Holding tightly to the light that keeps pushing us forward and the magic that allows us to believe in a brighter future. It is with this hope that the story of a sweet young girl named Holly was born.

It was the night of Christmas Eve when seven year old Holly sat by her window. Her bright blue eyes stared up at the night sky, waiting for something magical to happen. Her curly brown hair scrunched against the window pane with a cozy blanket enveloping her white Christmas jammies. In the corner of her eye, she sees a bright light woosh across the night sky. Just as she was about to gasp, she heard a thump coming from downstairs.
As quiet as a mouse, she tiptoes down the stairs, peaking through the wooden spindles. Holly quickly rubs her eyes and blinks twice just be sure. Her smile grows from ear to ear when she realizes it’s really him. Santa gracefully lays the presents under the tree and she can hear him crunching on one of her specially made Christmas cookies. A loud creak came from the step beneath Holly and her heart stopped for a brief moment. Santa slowly turns to her and raises a finger to his lips. “Shhh, we don’t want to wake anyone now do we?” He smiled as he took a few steps toward Holly. She could see the vibrant red of his suit shine. In that fleeting moment, everything that made Holly and her family sad this year, disappeared within an instant. Santa could see her eyes light up as Christmas magic filled her heart once again. He walked up a few steps and sat beside her. In the softest whisper he said “What is your Christmas wish?” Her heart overflowed as she told Santa about her dreams. The two of them smiled and laughed together and Santa learned about her Christmas Wish. So long as she kept believing.

Twenty years later, Santa was able to complete her Christmas Wish as he carried them away into that same magical night sky.”

Michael tells us more about the shoot

Colorado and our industry has not only been devastated by the virus, but also wildfires. Hope has been
scarce, I wanted to provide a little bit of an escape for anyone who sees theses photos and the video.
Christmas has always provided me a glimmer of hope and happiness in uncertain times. I wanted to share that emotion.
Everyone has a child in them that wants to love and dream. Holly represents the child in many of us that hopefully grows up and realizes that dream.
I wanted to put a smile on someone’s face, if even only for 5 minutes. I wanted to inspire the couples out there, that although your dream may have been put on hold or altered, it is still there. I wanted to do
something very different and take the viewer on a personal journey. I am so happy with the result. The
video generates beautiful emotion.



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