Boho Loves: Our Wedding Party – Make The “Intros Before The I Do’s”

Let me paint a picture for you. Your are attending a wedding, but you don’t know many people going, you get put on a table with people you don’t know and the awkwardness begins. Does this sound familiar? Are you currently planning a wedding and worrying about how your guests will get on with each other? Well I have the perfect solution for you. Let me introduce you to ‘Our Wedding Party.‘ Our Wedding Party is an online platform that allows your guests to meet virtually before the big day, make connections, make friends and stop that awkwardness that you sometimes get at weddings when you bring lots of different friendship groups together. Once everyone has met, you can invite your guests to send in requests for the DJ, keep them up to date with last minute changes or plans, even let them fill in the online guest book before the big day, regaling stories of the bride and groom. It’s free to sign up and if you want to upgrade the the Gold membership it’s only $49 (£37.) Our Wedding Party has just launched and to celebrate the launch they are offering Boho Readers 50% off the gold membership.

We’re thrilled to invite the BOHO Wedding community to be part of our launch! To celebrate we’re sharing a coupon code exclusively for BOHO fans to receive 50% off Our Wedding Party Gold. Just enter BOHO50 upon checkout. Enjoy all of our bespoke features to help you and your guests celebrate!

Our Wedding Party - Make The "Intros Before The I Do's"

Having a Covid friendly wedding?

In this day and age when your guest count has been cut right back Our Wedding Party is perfect to bring your guests together virtually. Think of Our Wedding Party as your digital guestbook where guests can meet virtually and leave a special message to the wedding couple.

Our Wedding Party - Make The "Intros Before The I Do's"

Jessica from Our Wedding Party tells us how she came up with the idea.

Our Wedding Party came to be as an idea for our own wedding. A fun way to break the ice amongst guests and connect our families and friends on both sides ahead of the celebrations. If our guests can have the best time, then we will too!

It works seamlessly no matter which wedding planning site you use. Once the invites are sent, let Our Wedding Party help you start the party with your attendees! It can introduce your guests to who is on each side of the family, childhood and uni friends, cousins and colleagues.

With Our Wedding Party make the “intros before the I do’s” so you and your loved ones foster deeper connections, friendships and memories at your wedding.

Our Wedding Party - Make The "Intros Before The I Do's"

Hi Jessica, what made you start Our Wedding Party?

As our wedding approached, my (now) husband and I realized how hard it would be to spend time with each and every guest. How could we ensure they could all have a great time, coming together as the most special people in our lives…what if we could introduce everyone before the wedding day arrived?

I started Our Wedding Party to introduce our communities in advance so that everyone would feel more welcome and relaxed on the big day. The effort paid off, as the party began the moment guests arrived. The dance floor was full before dinner started!
We used Our Wedding Party at our wedding in in 2019 and it is now launching publicly. We are based in San Francisco and Our Wedding Party is available worldwide.

What makes your different to other wedding sites?

We’re unique from other wedding sites as we are not a planning site. We are a mobile and web optimized site to help you connect and celebrate with your guests before, during and after your wedding day.

Personalize your Our Wedding Party site to enhance your wedding. Upload your guest list in just a couple clicks to seamlessly generate your guest gallery. Then you can update each guest profile with any additional info, stories, and photos to bring your event to life. Or invite your guests to update their profiles directly as part of their RSVP.

Our Wedding Party - Make The "Intros Before The I Do's"

So how much does it cost? 

OWP is free to join! There is also an option to upgrade for a small fee to access additional features and functions.

Option 1) OWP Classic – FREE – All of OWP’s core features:

  • Guest Gallery
  • Message Board
  • Seamlessly import your guest list

Option 2) OWP Gold – $49  (£37) – All of OWP’s GOLD features:

Guest Gallery – Introduce your guests
Connect the meaningful people in your life and make your day even more memorable! Feature your loved ones and share a favorite memory or story of how you met.

Text Alerts
Spread the word fast. In the event of a change in weather or timing, use Text Alerts to reach your guests quickly.

Chat via Message Board
Get the conversation flowing. This is the space where you can share announcements, your guests can arrange to share rides from the airport, or confirm where to meet for the after party!

Take song requests via Spotify
Invite your guests to suggest songs and OWP will seamlessly compile the playlist via Spotify. Now you’re all set to DJ.

Audio Name Pronunciation
Get on a first name basis. Wondering how to pronounce a name? Listen to guests’ audio recordings to get it just right.

Your Digital Guestbook
Capture your memories with OWP and download your digital guest book — filled with stories, advice, and well wishes from the people who love you most. Guaranteed, all guests will be in this guest book!

Our Wedding Party - Make The "Intros Before The I Do's" Our Wedding Party - Make The "Intros Before The I Do's"


For more information on Our Wedding Party go to

www.ourweddingparty.com / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / TWITTER

Boho Loves: Our Wedding Party - Make The "Intros Before The I Do's"





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