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Zankyou Weddings

Today on Boho Loves, I’d like to talk to you about wedding lists. With more and more couples living together before their wedding, the traditional gift registry has become a little redundant. Couples these days are choosing cash presents or donations towards their honeymoons, BUT there is still an awkwardness in asking for cash as a present and sometimes it can seem  a bit impersonal. So today I’d like to introduce you to Zankyou, the worlds largest on line gift list service

Zankyou will let you put together your own free personalised wedding website as well as your own gift list, adding in absolutely anything you like. Guests then choose what it is they want to contribute to and Zankyou will transfer the funds they pay in to your personal bank account, giving you the freedom to list any gift you want and to use the money as you wish.

Zankyou Weddings

Zankyou is an online cash wedding list, where the couple can also create their free personal wedding website.
Founded in 2007, it has grown to become Europe´s most popular online wedding list. Zankyou is available in 17 different countries and in 8 languages.
In 2012, over 70,000 couples created their wedding website on Zankyou.

Couples can personalize their wedding website however they please, they can share with their guests the wedding agenda, maps, photos, videos, recommend hotels, and much more.

Zankyou weddings Zankyou weddings
  • With Zankyou you can create a free wedding website and gift list with a host of options and features for personalising your page, all designed to help you make your wedding a success.
  • Zankyou transfers the funds contributed to your list to your personal bank account, giving you the freedom to list any gift you want and to use the money as you wish.
  • Their very helpful and friendly customer service team is just a phone call or email away. They are also proud that 98% of our clients would recommend Zankyou to their friends!
  • Zankyou is built on a robust and secure platform, which they are constantly improving. Gift purchases are protected by Thawte (Verisign) and the website offers advanced privacy options such as password-protected guest access, control over comments, photo uploads and Google search opt-out.
  • Their services are affordable. The wedding website is free and you can keep it active indefinitely. The wedding list service has one of the best rates on the market at 2.85% 
Zankyou Weddings

I asked the people at Zankyou a few questions…………..

What made you start your business?
Zankyou was created after having seen through our own experiences that there was no wedding list and wedding webpage service that adapted to the needs of our generation; couples get married later, often live together already and frequently have guests coming from abroad.

How would you describe your style?
Non-traditional, modern, international, customer service oriented, close, personal, caring and with vast experience

What makes you different to your competitors?
Excellent customer service available in 8 different languages, Zankyou is present in 18 countries and our fees are among the lowest in the market for the service and features the couple is receiving. Guests can pay in a variety of methods for the gifts and the first transfer of funds is always free.

What sort of couple do you think you attract?
Non-traditional, international, professionals, young (21-35 years) and already living with each other.

Pricing structure
For UK Zankyou charges a 2.85% for each gift contribution with a 0.85£ transaction fee per purchase. The couple gets to choose if they would like to cover this fee or have their guests cover this fee. If they choose to have their guests cover this fee then Zankyou’s services would be completely free for the couple.

Zankyou weddings



Seeing how every day more and more couples use their mobile phone for planning their wedding, Zankyou decided to launch a free iPhone and Android app where the couple can do the following:

Zankyou weddings
  • Follow their wedding agenda, gifts received, messages from guests and photos all from their iPhone or Android
  • Create and add gifts directly to their list from the photos they take on their iPhone or Android.
  • Check the gifts they have received and send thank you messages to their guests directly from their phone.
  • Guests can upload the wedding photos they take on their phones directly to the wedding website.
  • With all of Zankyou´s privacy settings, the couple can decide who has access to the app and wedding website.
  • Share the wedding agenda with their guests. No need for them to look for the wedding invitation, they will have it all on their phone.
  • Guests can find the wedding location stress free directly from their phones. No need to worry about them getting lost!

More info about this App here: www.zankyou.com/uk/iphone-wedding-app

zankyou 1 zankyou 2


So there you go simple to use, versatile and with loads of possibilities. Zankyou will give you the freedom you are looking for when it comes to your gift list, no more unwanted toasters or cut glass, just a trustworthy and efficient website to cover all your wedding needs.


For more information go to

[email protected]


Zankyou weddings



  • Although this is a sponsored post I truly believe this is a great idea and a wonderful company



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