Boho Loves: Empire Outlet – Tailor Made Suits and our Experience of the Service

A few months ago, I had an email from Empire Outlet, an on-line bespoke suit company enquiring if I would like to run a feature on them. Now I get emails like this every day, and I mean every day!! In all honesty I spend half my day saying no to people. If I didn’t then I would be putting out about 20 posts a day reviewing different wedding services and products. However, on this occasion, the email resonated with me and I replied back with a yes. It was then that they offered to gift me a suit in exchange for an honest review on the blog. Now, as you can probably imagine, I’m no suit wearer however, my husband Nik is. Due to his job covering the country, he has to wear a suit to work every day. His collection of suits takes up a large proportion of his wardrobe, so I ran the idea past him and of course he jumped at the chance. From there, the correspondence was pretty easy. Nik chose his suit, it was made for him, posted and now he is very happily wearing it to work. (in fact he is wearing it today to a meeting.)
So today I’m passing the blog over to Nik to tell you all about his experience and his review of the service.

‘Empire Outlet is the manufacturer of luxury and affordable menswear for the modern day British gentleman. All suits are meticulously handmade to order at a fantastic price. We specialise in wedding suits for men, boys suits, wool and tweed suits and a fantastic range of shirts, waistcoats, trousers and accessories.’

Empire Outlet - Tailor Made Suits and our Experience of the Service

Nik is here to tell you more about his love of suits and his experience with Empire Outlet

As the owner and wearer of 10 suits for work and the usual non-work related events, I tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to choosing my Lounge Suit / Business Attire / Smart Casual / insert relevant dress code. Ordinarily, they need to fit all scenarios and as such I have a simple palette: Blue (with check sometimes – boundary pushing I know!), Light Blue, Grey, Brown and Black.
When it comes to weddings, in order to make a statement, I choose my tie and socks to match, always wear nice cufflinks and a tie pin and when the mood takes, a pocket square and a nice watch. To that end, I am often complimented more for my accessories than my suit itself.

Empire Outlet - Tailor Made Suits and our Experience of the Service

Step forward Empire Outlet and their great range of suits and accessories. The only problem I had here was choosing what to order and in what combination. I wanted to be bold and try something a little different. I have always wanted a tweed suit and so that took me down the route of their Tweed and Woollen Collection. Sounds simple? Well it is, but factor in that you can then choose the Colour, Fabric Pattern and Fabric Weight and you really are spoilt for choice. From Herringbone and Houndstooth to Plaid and Prince of Wales, in a choice of weights, the only decision to make is how amazing do you really want to look?

Empire Outlet - Tailor Made Suits and our Experience of the Service

For me, there was only one option – a Grey Blue Prince of Wales Tweed 3 Piece. Let’s not forget, I like to be conservative to a point, but this really jumped out as the right suit for me. The choice of suit is only the first step in deciding on the final order. Empire Outlet has thought of everything. Enter your measurements – complete with a 12 Step Guide on how and where to measure – to the website for that bespoke suit buying experience from the comfort of your own home. The customisation does not end there. Not content with offering you the chance to have a Made to Measure suit, Empire Outlet also allow for other customisations. Want a working cuff, beloved of Savile Row? No problem. Fancy a double breasted jacket? Great choice! Keen on choosing you own lapel style? Of course, Sir. Peaked or Scoop or Shawl? Always best to keep this gem to yourself and let your Groomsmen follow in your wake. Those group photos will never be the same again with the Groom and Groomsmen vying for the photographer’s attention – and getting it!

Empire Outlet - Tailor Made Suits and our Experience of the Service

As far as buying experiences and user interface of platforms go, Empire Outlet have put a lot of thought in to how you are taken from choosing the right suit for your wedding, to it being delivered to your door and ready to dazzle all that stand before you.  Buying a suit is one thing. Choosing the right suit for your wedding, to be immortalised forever in the photographs, videos, canvas’s and memories is quite another.
Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life – so take my advice, wear the suit of your dreams!

Empire Outlet - Tailor Made Suits and our Experience of the Service


For more information on Empire Outlet go to

www.empireoutlet.cowww.empireoutlet.co/blogs/empire-blog / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / TWITTER

Boho Loves: Empire Outlet - Tailor Made Suits and our Experience of the Service




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    Tania Papkovskaia

    I just wanted to get in touch about this Empire Outlet posting – although i heavily rely on your websites recommendations for various wedding related purchases, I wanted to let you know that dealing with Empire had been a complete and utter nightmare. Wedding is in 3 weeks and no sign of the purchased suits despite the order being placed months ago. They have a non existent customer service – despite multiple emails and attempts to call (their phone line is non functional), they have been unresponsive. Looking at the company reviews since your article, they have been diabolical and all noting issues not only with delivery but also with the sizing of even the custom made suits. Given my terrible experience, and that of others, I hope you can re-evaluate your report on this company and help others by avoiding this disgraceful business


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