Wedding Wednesday Discussions: Are you a DIY Bride?…..If so I’d like to hear from you!

Wedding Wednesday Discussions: Are you a DIY Bride?

As you know I’m currently running a Boho Readers Survey, (one week left to enter to win £4,000 of prizes) so far with the responses I am getting back from you all, the general feedback is that you lot love LOVE DIY. I’m not talking shelving units and going to B&Q at the weekend, but DIY weddings, and the whole ethos of doing things yourself.
The whole crafting industry has taken a huge turnaround over the last year or two and DIY weddings are a massive trend! Brides more and more often are finding their hidden crafting talents, as well as their friends and families in a bid to save money and bring back that personal element to their wedding day.

DIY wedding

(Photo credit  Photoamor )

As a wedding planner I’m finding brides creating invitations themselves, flower arranging, making favours, making wedding cakes, in fact whole cake tables! Making bunting, paper pom poms, escort cards, even their own wedding websites! And as a blogger I am getting more and more DIY weddings submitted to me, and more requests for DIY tutorials.
It seems Brides and grooms cannot get enough of getting out the craft glue and donning the glitter gun!

DIY wedding

(Photo credit Studio Laguna )

So today I wanted to open up the blog to you guys, and make it an open forum. I’d like you to share with me and other brides and grooms what elements of your wedding are DIY.
Maybe only a small element is DIY? maybe the whole thing is? maybe you want it to have that DIY look but you’re just not creative or artistic??………..I’d love to hear from you so please join in the discussion.

Also it’s a good chance to let me know of any DIY elements you would like to see on the blog, I’m going to be adding in lost of new features over the next few weeks so maybe DIY is a feature you would like to see on a regular basis? If so what sort of things would you like to see??

I’d also love to see any photos of your DIY projects, so if you have created anything that you are particularly proud of and would like to show it off on the bog then drop me an email [email protected] and it could be up on the blog for all to see!

So join in the discussion today, and let me know all your DIY stories.

Big Boho Love

Kelly xxx

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    Laura C

    I am making [actually, have made] all the stationary, making the coursages/boutonniers, my shoe clips, hair accessiories for the ‘maids, meters of bunting, table runners, and various other decorations…



      That sounds fun! I did allot of DIY for my wedding that is coming up this very Saturday! :-)
      On a side note however, it is 4 days till wedding and I have one DIY to finish!! Yikes! I would strongly suggest you get all ur DIY outta the way asap so ur not fretting days before, cuz inevitably something will come up. A groomsman had to pull out today. Luckily I have my son who is walking me down the aisle sub for him as well. My DIY cut my wedding planner’s fee almost in 1/2! As well as cut down my rental fees for centerpieces etc.
      I did table #’s using mini pots already filled w/Styrofoam & faux succulents & added a tiny blossom also faux, hot glued the table #to a craft stick & plunged it into the Styrofoam..all from the # store. I bought small wire antique looking bird cages
      sprayed ivory, added some real greens from our woods & a flameless candle to line the aisle. Also bought all my votives and other glass vases at thrift & $$ stores. Found bigger lanterns to use with real candles on table for reception at a thrift store for on the cheap. I really had to scale back looking at pinterest cuz I was overloading myself. Have a happy wedding!


    We are going to be doing lots of DIY. We are both really creative anyways. Nick will be designing the stationery and I’m going to make the bouquets. We also are making lots of paper cranes for decorations and the will be making the favours…whatever we decide! x

    Kitty Kanzashi

    Since purple is my colour scheme finding fresh flowers that will match my dress wasn’t going to be an easy option. Not to mention I’m getting married 4 hours drive away. There anything that I could DIY in advance was good.

    As I’m a kanzashi maker I just had to make my hairpins, buttonhole flowers for the immediate family and my bouquet using the dupion fabric my dress is made from.

    Then the table centrepieces are going to be arrange by me with fake flowers because they are a lovely deep purple and red. Plus I can use them afterwards as house decorations.

    DIY and being thrifty comes hand in hand.


    I’m DIY-ing it all!

    Table centers are paper flowers made from recyled books and maps (220 made so far!) I’ve made a start on the bunting… I’ll be designing the invites… hopefully anything I can think of, I’ll be making!

    Planning to get all decorations made by Feb to give me 6 months to design and make my dress – eep!


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