Ask The Experts: Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding DJ For Your Wedding Reception And Not Rely on a Playlist

This afternoon we are talking wedding entertainment, Wedding DJs to be specific. We often talk about the importance of hiring a good band here on the blog, as I am a firm believer that the entertainment you put on for your wedding can make or break the evening reception. However we very rarely discuss the job of the wedding DJ and how important it is to hire a professional and not rely on a pre-planned play list.

I speak from experience here, as I was guilty of doing this just thing. I spent about a month putting all my favourite tracks together for my wedding day, in fact the while thing was 7 hours long. On the day of the wedding, a local Ibiza DJ actually got in contact and asked if we wanted him to DJ. It was a no brainer for me and at 11.30 the morning of my wedding I booked him. BEST DECISION EVER!! Don’t get me wrong my play list was fab and we played it though the wedding breakfast, but I am so glad we had a real life wedding DJ playing for the evening reception. He kept the party going all night, knew what to play when and really made the evening part of the wedding a massive hit.

I know when budgets are tight you will be looking at ways to bring the costs down and the evening entertainment might seem like a good place to start cutting costs, but I will urge you not to. A playlist is a great idea for the day time but no playlist can preempt what mood your guests will be in, it won’t be able to mix the tracks together perfectly and it won’t be able to take requests!

If you don’t believe me then the good people at UK Mobile Discos have put this fab infographic together to let you know more.

Ask The Experts: Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding DJ For Your Wedding Reception And Not Rely on a Playlist


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    A person’s wedding day is essentially one of the most invaluable days in their life. There are many things needed in a wedding, from decoration to wedding planners, where unique attention is sought to be added to enjoyment.

    For leisure, you have to rent just the right DJ so that guests can enjoy dancing to the songs they desire. Before hiring a DJ, you will have to ask them what songs they have on their playlist.

    Below are some important questions you can ask a DJ before hiring them:

    1. Are weddings your main focus?

    2. How do you develop a song list?

    3. How do you get people excited?

    4. Can we hear mixing and blending examples?

    5. What kind of equipment do you use?

    6. How familiar are you with our wedding venue?

    7. What happens in case of emergency?

    8. Do you provide other services?


    I agree that hiring a professional dj is an important thing than just playing a playlist song at a wedding. The problem of cost is sometimes a problem for some people, but I think it can be consulted and adjusted later.

    Raka Adhyatma

    DJ performance in a wedding actually is a trend for millenials. it was an energic music and beautiful for a wedding. thank you for sharing djfeetback.nl


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