Ask The Experts: Forget Spotify – Why You Need a Wedding DJ

Wedding entertainment. We talk about it quite a bit here on the blog and that’s because it’s a really important aspect of your day! There is so much choice and for some it can all seem just a bit too expensive. Planning a wedding can be costly. And to keep budgets down, it’s understandable that for most of us; something’s got to give – whether that’s the date, the dress or the entertainment. But before you cross wedding DJ off your priority list and create a free playlist instead, we asked the UK’s wedding DJ of the year, Alan Marshall of Alan Marshall Celebrations, to share why it’s so important to have a wedding DJ.

Ask The Experts: Forget Spotify - Why You Need a Wedding DJ Ask The Experts: Forget Spotify - Why You Need a Wedding DJ

Your DJ can ‘feel’ the room

While putting together your own playlist will be filled with floor-filling faves, by working with a wedding DJ, they can sense what’s appropriate to play and what the crowd actually wants to hear, right there and then.
I know, from working with couples months before their big days, how important music is to them – what they like and what they really don’t, and this helps me to tailor the tunes to their day: without it being prescriptive.

Ready-made playlists can work, but unless they’re really thought about, they can lack flow and feel a little stop-start for guests wanting to party. For example: one minute you can be all dancing to an indie classic you loved from a festival and the next, a gorgeous, romantic, slow tune comes on, leaving just couples on the dancefloor. I enjoy reading the room, working with the vibe and playing what’s going to keep people partying!

Ask The Experts: Forget Spotify - Why You Need a Wedding DJ Ask The Experts: Forget Spotify - Why You Need a Wedding DJ

They have expertise 

When you hire a wedding DJ, you’re not just paying for them to ‘turn up and play a few tunes’, but for their years of experience within the industry.
Over the last three decades, I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with hundreds of couples to help create their dream days, with meaningful music and moments.

Like a great movie soundtrack, music at a wedding creates emotion. It sets the scene: it can rock the party, creating energy and a full crazy dance floor that you just want to be part of or, tug at the heartstrings as the newlyweds are lost in each other’s eyes or, as a bride and her dad take to the floor, for her to dance with the first man she ever loved: her dad. Ahhhh.

It’s a privilege to be able to help them with everything from music choices to planning the day’s timings (which can understandably be confusing, as who’s planned a wedding before?!). Through being hired for a range of weddings – from rustic, relaxed barn and boho tipi weddings, to more formal hotel and manor house celebrations and really getting to know my couples, I can give them the advice they need and assist them to design a day as unique as they are.

Ask The Experts: Forget Spotify - Why You Need a Wedding DJ

Good wedding DJs aren’t just about playing music 

You can be forgiven for thinking that if you do decide to hire a wedding DJ that their job is solely about the music. But, did you know that (if you hire the right one), they will also gently steer the day, leaving you free to simply enjoy it?

As one of my services, I am a master of ceremonies, taking the pressure off my couples by looking after the timing and pacing of the day. I communicate with the other wedding suppliers (such as the photographer, videographer and reception venue coordinator) to make sure they’re prepared for the next event – be that the speeches, cutting the cake and the all-important first dance.

After all, after all of that time spent planning: you deserve to be right there, living and loving every moment, without worrying about remembering what comes next. A Spotify playlist can’t do that just yet…

Ask The Experts: Forget Spotify - Why You Need a Wedding DJ



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Ask The Experts: Forget Spotify - Why You Need a Wedding DJ




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    Trying to find the right type of music for your wedding is a very personal matter. Your taste in music is influenced by what you listened to when you were growing up, and what you like at the moment. Add to that, the fact that different types of music have different meanings and sentiments, and it can be very overwhelming trying to find that “perfect” wedding DJ music. Thank you for sharing your great content this is such a cool post!


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