Rasha and Amer’s Elegant Cream, Blush and Bronze Tuscany Wedding by Nicola Tonolini

Happy Friday everyone, wow that was a quick week! Yay for bank holidays! I hope the first week back at work hasn’t been to hard for you, it’s the weekend now though so hopefully you will get a chance to put your feet up and relax! So far this week we have taken you to Barcelona and Mallorca and today we are off to beautiful Tuscany! Rasha and Amer chose a gorgeous outdoor ceremony with an exquisite reception area, full of the most stunning flowers and amazing table decor. A truly elegant affair, perfect for the Boho luxe bride. I just love the colours and tones they used to bring their wedding to life and to bring a real air of sophistication to their big day. Huge thanks to Nicola Tonolini for the lovely photos.

It was like a day out of a fairytale.  Our family and friends filled the air with happiness and love.  Everyone was there for one thing – to celebrate our union and have an unforgettable time

1-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 2-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini

Rasha and Amer were married on the 3rd June 2016 at Borgo Corsignano  in Tuscany, Italy. ‘The venue was beautiful.  We would have the whole place to ourselves and guests. We knew it would be magical. We had 90 guests and the wedding took 6 months to plan.’ 

3-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 4-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini

How they met
Amer and I met at work.  We knew each other for almost two years by the time we got married.

The Proposal
The proposal took place in Tokyo.  I was there for work and Amer surprised me.  He took me out to a traditional Japanese restaurant where you sit on the floor and enjoy a seven course dinner.  At the end of the dinner, throughout which we were laughing the whole time because of different things that happened, he walked over to me on his knees and asked if I would marry him.  It was a complete and utter surprise and one of the best days of my life!

5-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 6-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 7-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 8-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 9-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 10-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini

Where did you splurge and where/how did you save?
I must say, we splurged on everything. The food, the venue, the photographer, the flowers, the set up.  I was very lucky that I had a husband whose aim it was to give me the wedding of my dreams.

How did you choose your photographer?
I did some research online and Nicola was one of my shortlisted.  I then heard that a friend of a friend had used him for their wedding one year before, so I got in touch with him and the whole correspondence and relationship was smooth and easy.  We had great chemistry together.  He loved the venue, which made me even more comfortable. He was calm throughout and always happy and ready to do whatever it takes to make sure we were happy.

11-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 12-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 13-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 14-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 15-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini

The Dress
My dress was a Tara Keely and my shoes were Cole Haan.  My tiara was a bespoke Belles By Raquel creation.  My jewelry were gifts from my husband and parents.

The Suit and Bridesmaids
My husband’s suit was Giorgio Armani and his shoes and accessories were Dior.

16-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 17-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 18-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 19-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 20-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 21-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 22-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini

Theme or Colour Scheme
The theme was cream, rose blush, bronze and mint green

David Austin Roses, Brunia and Berzelia berries, eucalyptus and peonies.

Table centerpieces and an old door as a backdrop.

23-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 24-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 25-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 26-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 27-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini

We had ravioli, fillet mignon, hors d’eouvres

Wedding Cake
Mille feuille cake prepared on the spot

Nothing.  Just us and our friends and family and good music.

28-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 29-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 30-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 31-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 32-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 33-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 34-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 35-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini

I had a designer design and we printed them in Dubai

Personal Touches
We did a lot ourselves.  We prepared an itinerary for our guests that we placed in their rooms when they arrived.  We made sure every apartment or villa had coffee, tea, sugar, milk and water for our guests.  We had shawls and heel covers for our female guests in case they got cold and so their heels did not sink in the grass.  We had a stand with our guests names pegged on strands of rope and asked them to replace their names with a picture for our memories.  We made little Limoncello bottles as gifts for all guests with a personalized label on the bottle.  We sealed our invitations with red wax and assembled them ourselves.  We created luggage tags that we placed in people’s invitations that had a message that read “Some journeys are not meant to be traveled alone. Rasha & Amer. 3.6.2016”

36-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 37-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 38-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 39-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini

Special Moments or Highlights
The rain as soon as we finished our vows.  Our vows we wrote ourselves so they were very personal.  My father’s speech at dinner. The mille foile cake made in front of all the guests. Our first dance. My dance with my father. A song the bridesmaids made for us. So many to list and remember.

Advice for Other Couples
Go with your heart. Have patience. Plan ahead of time. Invest in a good wedding planner, caterer and photographer.

Biggest Surprise
I was surprised to see many tears of joy during the ceremony.

40-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 41-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini 42-elegant-cream-blush-and-bronze-tuscany-wedding-by-nicola-tonolini


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    First I must say congratulation to Rasha and Amer ! For their wedding. Rasha and Amer’s wedding is seeming very interesting. They both are looking a beautiful couple. photography in their wedding is also good. It’s seeming that, photographer has captured their entire wedding day in his camera.


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