Saturday Cinema: Lucy and Robie…….and a bit of ‘Lens Whacking’

Today’s featured presentation is from the excellent Rachel Knights from I DO Films. Rachel introduces a new way of filming today called ‘lens whacking’…………..I’ll let Rachel explain!…..‘I know it’s a funny term but it is simply a method of filming where you detach a lens from the camera sensor and simply hold it over manually. You naturally let little light leaks into the frame and the image it gives is very beautiful and dreamy, with sweet spots coming in and out of focus. It was explained to me by another film-maker, James Miller, who I admire and who shoots this method often. He has encouraged me to use it in my wedding films and I’m very glad he did. It really is a lovely way of shooting.

Lens whacking test clips experiment at latest wedding from Rachel Knights of I Do Films on Vimeo.

The couple are Lucy and Robie Gay who got married on 18th June 2011 at Guyers House, Corsham in Wiltshire.
I asked Rachel what her favouite part of the wedding was. ‘When they did their first dance. The band were their friends who flew in from Alabama and played good old, southern foot stomping Americana music. Everyone was dancing, the music kept playing and they just flowed onto the dance floor and everyone stepped back for their first dance. It was so natural and organic and felt so right.’And what do you think make a good wedding film? ‘Staying out of peoples faces as much as possible. You capture the real wedding when people don’t feel they are having a camera shoved in their faces. That’s the beauty of the smaller cameras these days or Super 8. No one likes the sound of their voice on video either!’

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