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Saturday Cinema: Katie and Ben by 7876 films

Today’s featured presentation on Saturday Cinema is brought to you by Oliver Depaep from 7876 Films and it features a supper cool couple called Katie and Ben who got married in Dorset. I’m just in love with the wedding car and also with Katies’ hair!……in fact Ben’s hair as well….and his suit!! Katie & Ben /… Read more »

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Saturday Cinema: Laura and Jon on Marbella beach

Todays featured presentation comes from Simon Clarke  as he brings you a gorgeous wedding all the way from Marbella. The weather isn’t exactly summery here at the moment, so sit back for 5 minutes and sock in the sun from this lovely wedding! Laura & Jon (Marbella beach wedding) 27.05.11 from Simon Clarke Video Production… Read more »



Saturday Cinema: Kahdine & Charles in St Ives, Cornwall

Hello to you all! Today’s featured presentation comes from Ever After Video Productions. They bring us a film  all the way from gorgeous St Ives in Cornwall! I’m a sucker for a bride on a beach (being a Cornwall lass myself) so always a joy to bring you a wedding from that part of the country!… Read more »

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Saturday Cinema: Fiona & David by I Do Films

Hello to you all I hope you are enjoying your Saturday? Today’s featured presentation is brought to you by the lovely Rachel Knight from I Do Films. Rachel has been developing her Super 8 mm cine & digital wedding & event videos over the last few years, culminating in highly artistic and personal films with… Read more »



Saturday Cinema: Lynne and Matthew By Mark Brown

Today’s featured presentation is brought to you by the hugely talented Mark Brown. I have featured Marks work a few weeks ago HERE, so I’m delighted to be featuring him again. Mark is the king of the Supper 8mm film and brings with his work a true individual style and a vintage twist. Lynne +… Read more »



Saturday Cinema: Lucy and Robie…….and a bit of ‘Lens Whacking’

Today’s featured presentation is from the excellent Rachel Knights from I DO Films. Rachel introduces a new way of filming today called ‘lens whacking’…………..I’ll let Rachel explain!…..‘I know it’s a funny term but it is simply a method of filming where you detach a lens from the camera sensor and simply hold it over manually…. Read more »