Saturday Cinema: Jill & Gareth

Following on from the success of last weeks Saturday Cinema I have another fabulous wedding video to share with you. I’ve been receiving some great submissions over the last week so i can’t wait to share them all with you!

This weeks featured presentation is from Mark Brown who brings a beautifully soft and romantic touch to his work. This film has a wonderful vintage edge to it as well.

www.markwbrown.com from MW BROWN on Vimeo.

The couple are Jill and Gareth who were married in October 2010 in Rothwell, Northamptonshire.
I asked Mark what his favourite part of the wedding is ‘Always, Always, Always the Bridal preparations! There’s something so beautifully special about watching the bride and her close friends + family prepare… once the veil is on there’s this excitement that fills the room, that “I’m ACTUALLY getting married today!” excitement. Gets me every time :)’
And what do you feel makes a good wedding Video?  ‘Shooting on film is always a big plus in my book. It creates a timeless depth that video cannot replicate. It’s also the simplicity that stands out… video adds too many layers for my liking, whereas Super-8mm keeps it original and true to memory. Super-8mm ages well and will be just as romantic and beautiful when your great-grandchildren sit down to watch it. I also think (in terms of the videographer) a natural eye and the ability to blend in helps make a good film… No one sees the guest with the Super-8 camera, whereas everyone sees the man with the giant HD camera and tripod.’

For more information go to:
name: Mark W. Brown
website: www.markwbrown.com
blog: www.markwbrown.com/blog

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    Oh wow! Just found you on twitter and first time on your blog. Totally won me over with this post! I’ve recently become such a fan of super-8mm film. Vintage and timeless. Love it!


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