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Dot Laser LTD

This afternoon I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful company who produce the most gorgeous laser cut wedding stationery, as well as offering a first class engraving service. When Lucy from Dot Laser LTD drop me an email containing lots of samples of her gorgeous work I just knew I wanted to share them with you. Wedding stationery is such an important aspect of your wedding, along with the photos it’s one of the only aspects that you will be able to keep as a memory of the day once it has passed. This collection of wedding stationery is bound to leave a lasting memory and a wonderful impression on your guests.

‘If you are looking for a personalised, beautifully laser cut and engraved wedding invite, we have some great ‘off-the-peg options for you to choose from’

Dot Laser LTD Dot Laser LTD Dot Laser LTD

Dot Laser LTD Dot Laser LTD

We asked Dot Laser LTD to tell us more about their beautiful stationery products……

Myself and Lukas are a tiny creative team working to create something that will put a smile on people’s faces.
After my Masters Degree, I worked as a freelance designer preparing vector drawings for other designers and companies who needed this service, much of this was for laser cutting files. Lukas worked as a graphic designer and after as a freelancer, it was then that he developed an interest in laser cutting and engraving. Having both come from creative backgrounds, we decided to set up shop as a laser cutting business based in West London – Dot Laser was born. 

Dot Laser LTD Dot Laser LTD Dot Laser LTD Dot Laser LTD Dot Laser LTD

We had been getting quite a lot of requests for designing and cutting wedding stationery, so we decided to create an ‘off-the-peg’ shop on our website to make this process cheaper and easier for our clients who wanted something a little different.  Lukas and I wanted to provide a broad range of styles so that there is a little something for everyone, but still design for our own tastes.

Dot Laser LTD Dot Laser LTD Dot Laser LTD Dot Laser LTD Dot Laser LTD Dot Laser LTD Dot Laser LTD

Each design starts off from a theme that we come up with or an idea of a fictitious wedding! We then start designing, taking into account how long each piece will take to cut and engrave – this is very important so that we can keep the costs down for our customers. Lukas and I tend to start drawing straight on vector based programs like Illustrator and Corel Draw, then we will keep refining our ideas until we are happy with the end result. We finish by choosing materials and colours that we think will be appropriate. We both wanted customers to be able to choose from classic white or mix things up a bit with brighter colours or wood finishes, something that would work well for more creative weddings that break away from the traditional.

Dot Laser LTD Dot Laser LTD

For more information on Dot Laser LTD

I: @dotlaser
0203 735 2310



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    Grandeur Wedding Studio

    Those are pretty cute wedding handicrafts! Do you ship them internationally though?


    I’m sur eif you drop them an email they will let you know, but I’m guessing yes they will xx


    Thank you for compliments. We are still working on and soon will be more freshly made invitations.
    In terms of shipping. Yes, we can ship internationally.


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