Film Club: Laura and Stu’s Amazing Animation Wedding Film by SoyMilk

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It’s time for another edition of Film Club and today I have a real treat for you! This film comes all the way from Australia from a hugely talented company called from SoyMilk Wedding. The film was commissioned by a UK bride for her very lucky husband. SoyMik create handcrafted animations for weddings and their work is completely unique and I just love it! This film is so special and something totally different, and oh so sweet and charming. I know you are going to love it a much as I do.

Laura & Stu from Soymilk Studio on Vimeo.


Jenni tells us more about how the film was made………..

Putting all our minds and hands into hard work with over detailed craft, time-consuming traditional animation, we recreate love stories through stop motion animations (for wedding receptions, invitations, proposals, speeches, gifts etc.), that are as passionate as we are !

Anyway, few months ago, we received an email from overseas (how exciting!) from a London-based young lady called Laura, asking us if we could help her produce a surprise animated film, to show her fiancée Stu and their respective families and friends, during their gorgeous wedding day in London on the 1st of Nov!

The inspiration was to use a book as a vehicle for the different chapters of their love story. It was also a clever way to show the passage of time, while using pop-up transitions between the different pages/sets, to add visual interest.  The process was pretty epic (!) and involved a lot of research and time spent on the construction of the pop-up book (100% paper) and the illustration of the various scenes….
We then, created different lighting atmospheres for each location and animated the book and characters in stop-motion.

This very personalized film is based on Laura and Stu’s love story, from their very first online meeting to their romantic engagement in France, topped off with a scene of their future life in their new London home.


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