Mary and Liam’s Vintage Inspired Homespun Wedding. By Your Dear Image

Well Hello Friday you cheeky little thing, so happy to see you! I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to the weekend ahead. As I missed out on the weekend last week due to a bout of food poisoning I am super excited about this weekend, especially as Nik and I are off to Shropshire for my University Reunion. We are going minus baby and staying over so making a proper weekend of it.  We also have our nephews 1st birthday party to squeeze in aswell, so a busy weekend for us! What about you?? I have another gorgeous wedding for you today, this week really has been a fab week for them! Todays is a vintage loving homespun affair, full with lovely little touches. Like yesterdays bride Mary made her own wedding dress with a lot of help from her mother, and I’m sure you will agree she looks amazing, I just love her shoes! The whole day looks superb and the marquee decor is just gorgeous. Thanks to Your Dear Image for the photos.

‘A homemade affair where we hoped everyone felt loved, included and welcome.’

1a Vintage Inspired Homespun Wedding By Your Dear Image Annabelle Dalby

Mary and Liam were married on 12th June 2014 We actually got married in Wales, in a beautiful private house, then did the drinks reception and wedding breakfast at our super friendly and helpful next door neighbours, who happen to have a rather large garden that is open to the public, before taking everyone down to my parents’ house where we had a dance floor, bonfire and pig roast set up, along with a few kegs of local ale. We wanted something incredibly relaxed, where we could dance under the stars until the sun came up, and something we would ultimately enjoy ourselves. In fact we had so much fun we were the on the last mini bus to leave! We took most of the inspiration from the venues, the relaxed style of day we wanted and some of our own stories and memories to try and make it as personal as possible to us. I really wanted it to feel like a family affair, not just a day about the two of us, so it was great to have the support of all our friends and family who helped so much. We had 120 for the day and dinner and an extra 30 for the night. Planning only took about two months but sourcing everything took about 8-9 months of pretty relentless car booting.

Annabelle Dalby

Annabelle Dalby

How they met
We met at a friends birthday party, I was convinced Liam was gay as he talked a lots about his partner bobby (his business partner not romantic I later learnt) so I was really relaxed and we just had a fantastic laugh. At the end of the night he kissed me, I was very confused!

The Proposal
In Prague, we’d been staying there for a long weekend in a really cool apartment. I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee and the Juno sound trak playing. Liam had made breakfast and we sat down and ate. When the song ” all I want us you” came on liam persuaded me to dance with him, and when it got to the line “all I want us you will you be my bride” he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. Needless to say I cried! He was and still is very romantic!

Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby

How did you allocate your budget
We allocated the majority to things the guests would enjoy; food and drink. We were creative with decorations and space set up and my mum made my dress which saved us a bomb, although we did make it out of the finest silk with silk thread so it could be dyed.

How did you choose your photographer
Annabel was a really perfect choice to capture our day and we was delighted with the results. It was brilliant having her there when we were getting ready and she was really great at everyone to feel at ease and relaxed. I particularly love the pictures she took of my parents before we went to the service as it is rare for me to ever get a shot of them both together. Her style was ideal for this relaxed type of day, and the shots we have of the guest listening to the speeches are just awesome!

Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby

The Dress
Dress – Was handmade by my mother (with me helping a bit!), using silk brought from www.macculloch-wallis.co.uk. I really wanted a simple design, but made out of beautiful silk, and so we spend a fortune on the material and silk thread! It was a really wonderful project to work together on, even though it was under a little bit of stress! And it was actually one of my favourite parts of the lead up for the wedding as it enabled my mum and I to spend hours working together on it. On the day it felt really special and made me so proud of her.
Shoes – As we were going to be on grass for a lot of the day I wanted a wedge heel, and something I would wear again so I didn’t want cream or white. I found these Marc Jacobs one at Harvey Nichols and fell in love – I am a sucker for a heart, and they were brilliant, I danced all night in them!
Hair Piece – was handmade by a small designer in France and was a gift from a dear dear friend, who also had the veil hand made for me too. I didn’t get to see them until Just before the wedding, but she has impeccable taste so I knew I would love them!

The Suit and Bridesmaids
Liam’s suit and shoes were actually from Reiss, as was his shirt. His hat was from Ally Capellino x Bernstock speirs.

Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby

Theme or Colour Scheme
It turned out kind of vintage style with all the crockery etc but I just wanted it to be magical

We got married on the Saturday, so on the morning of the Wednesday that week I went to Covent garden flower and picked up a car full of beautiful flowers and greenery. I really wanted peonies and this was perfect as they had a chance to open fully by the time the day came around. We were lucky that my mother in law had worked as a florists so she kindly created my beautiful bouquet and the button holes, along with two really stunning arrangements for the dining tent, then for the tales we had very relaxed arrangements just in old glass bottles.

To decorate the tent itself, which we had hired from the next door village hall, for only £250, we draped the side walls with some beautiful create linen material that my mother had, then along the edge where the sides met the roof, we used the greenery I had bought from Covent garden follower market, along with some ivy from my parents garden to hide the frame. On the top of the tent we made a grid using fishing rope, from which we hung 100 white Chinese lanterns, that I had picked up on ebay.

Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby

Afternoon tea canapés then chicken pâté, rare roast beef with a selection of salads, pavlova. Later a hog roast, pork pies and cheese.

Wedding Cake
Was made by my aunty, who is a remarkably talented cake maker and driven up from wales. The fruit cake was deliciously rich and all the flowers were hand made.
The day after the wedding I sat with a friend as everyone was popping in and we cut and boxed the cake into individual boxes, before posting to everyone who attended or couldn’t make it. we got some really nice messages about this as I think everyone was really surprised.

We also has a local jazz band for the photo and drinks time. They boys seemed to really enjoy the ale being served out of the vintage tankards we had collected at various car boot sales in the lead up to the weeding.
I can’t recommend having some fancy dress enough, we had a box set up just outside the posh portaloos in a tent, with a mirror and a crazy back drop of a formal garden, which had been painted especially for the occasion by my really talented uncle.
Lastly a bonfire was a great addition to the night, and really gave it a special feel.

Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby

Buy or DIY your Stationery
When we got back from our honeymoon we sent our thanks you cards. We had already been sent the unedited disk of pictures from our fabulous photographer, and so we when through all of them and printed any that were of specific guest, so that everybody who came got a card with a picture of liam and I on the front leaving the service, with a selection of about five pictures of them, and their friends on the day.

Another thing was when we sent the save the dates we bought some floral handkerchief, and then stamped them with a save the date message. We had a design drawn up for us by a friend and got the stamp created by www.bladerubberstamps.co.uk, who were great, and bought some fabric ink, so that they can be washable. We then included these when we sent out our Christmas cards to all the guest.

Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby

Personal or Handmade Touches

  • Some of the little touches were the ones that took some of the most planning, e.g. the wedding favours we gave of the china birds sprayed white, came from a shared passion for the David Attenborough birds of paradise birds mating dance, which kind of spiralled out of control! We both ended up rummaging through endless car boot sales for months in advance to find all sorts of different types of birds, which we then took to be sprayed painted at a local car work shop. We were playing on doing it ourselves, and did do a few tests, but as we wanted them to be as perfect as possible we went for a professional finish. We then bought the ‘to have and to hold’ ribbon from cox and cox to tie little brown luggage labels to the neck, onto which we hand wrote the names of all the guests. We had great fun matching the bird types to the guests!
  • Another big part of the meal was the plates and cutlery, which again we sourced mainly from car boot sales. I really wanted the heavy silver plated style forks that we used to have when I was growing up at home, with the bone handled knives, and so we had to find a set of starter, main and dessert cutlery for 100, along with serving plates. Again this was a huge project, but it was lovely seeing them all on the day, and the nicest thing is that since our day we have loaned them to a number of friends who have also used them at their weddings.
  • We handmade our own scented candles for the tables, using frosted glasses that my mother had bought for my sister’s wedding’s few years ago. She used them at her wedding, but even though they bought long lasting tea lights they didn’t stay lit for the whole time so we instead bough some soy wax, wicks and English tea rose scents from Devon scents and made our own. In total we made about 100, which was way too many, so again it has been great to give them as gifts or lend them to others having parties.
Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby Annabelle Dalby

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    Looking at the photos alone, there is no doubt the occasion was so special and successful. Congratulations! We hope you had a picture of the posh portaloos though.


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