Boho Loves – Prezola: The UK’s Leading Independent Wedding List Service. ‘Your Gifts, Your Way’

  The world of wedding gift lists has moved on over the past few years, no longer do wedding presents bring you endless supplies of toasters and kettles, these days there are companies out there offering you lots of different options and a flexible outlook on your wedding gift list. Today I would like to… Read more »

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Zankyou Weddings

Boho Loves – Zankyou ‘Your Wedding List Your way’

  Today on Boho Loves, I’d like to talk to you about wedding lists. With more and more couples living together before their wedding, the traditional gift registry has become a little redundant. Couples these days are choosing cash presents or donations towards their honeymoons, BUT there is still an awkwardness in asking for cash as a present and sometimes it can seem  a bit impersonal. So today I’d like to introduce you to Zankyou, the worlds largest… Read more »