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Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 13th May

Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome along to my best Bits, how are you all? how is the weekend treating you so far? It’s been a funny old week for me I’m not going to lie. On Monday myself and Mark (the technical genius behind the blog) decided that we needed to move the blog to a new server. The blog had outgrown the old one and had been playing up for a couple… Read more »



boho's best bits - best wedding

Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 29th April

Happy Sunday everyone and Happy Bank Holiday! I hope you are enjoying yours, what have you been up to and is the sun shining where you are? It’s been SO lovely this week to feel a bit of warmth, the office window has been open and I have been enjoying the change in climate as I expect you all… Read more »

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boho's best bits - best wedding

Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 15th April

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you are all having a fabulous day, is it sunny where you are? I do believe that after months of cold, wet, windy and snowy weather that Spring is finally on its way! (let’s hope I didn’t speak to soon) but the sun has been shining the windows have been open at home and Dee has at last managed to get outside in the garden! Things are looking up! It’s been another busy… Read more »



Boho's best bits - best wedding

Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 1st April

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! First of all may I say a big welcome to Spring! I don’t think any of us thought we were going to see the back of the snow but this week has definitely seen a shift in the seasons. As I’m writing this the sun is shining, and I am loving the light evenings we have been having since the clocks changes… Read more »



Boho's Best Bits - Best From Boho

Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 11th March

Happy Sunday and happy St. Patrick’s day! How is your weekend so far? I hope you are having a good one. Mine has been good and a bit quite but after being away for the last few weekends it has come as a welcome change. I have spent the time catching  up with work, spending some time with Nik and enjoying being at home. Friday was all about Comic Relief …. Read more »



Boho's Best Bits

Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 25th February

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend? What have you been up to? It’s been another busy week at Boho HQ, so much to get done with so many amazing weddings coming up this season! so lots of wedding planning jobs to do. The Blog is as busy as ever, but the main thing that has been keeping me busy… Read more »



Boho's Best Bits

Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 18th February

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend? what are you up to? It’s been a work filled one for me. I spent all yesterday putting together the presentation I’m giving next weekend at the Be.Workshop about Blogging. I’m really looking forward to meeting some budding photographers and taking part in the two day workshop. Day one is practical and… Read more »