365 Happiness Project 2014 – Week 40


Happiness Project


Week 40 – All the wonderful things that have made me happy this week.

  • Lots of morning smiles from Dexter
  • A lovely drive in the sunshine to Matlock
  • Appreciating the amazing scenery
  • Meeting up with two friends called Sarah
  • Lunch and a good catch up
  • Dexter on a playdate with Jacob
  • A walk in the park and lots of Ducks
  • Making plans
  • Sofa time with Nik, a JD and some chocolate
  • Sunshine
  • Results back from the hospital and nothing more than a little heart murmur to worry about
  • Shopping with Dexter
  • New Books for Dexter
  • New clothes for Dexter
  • A lovely day with my son
  • A Big Boden order arraiving….Dexters auumn/winter wardrobe
  • A play date with cousin Ted and Aunty Johanna
  • A tour round Johanna’s new house
  • 2 lovely walks
  • Hot chocolate and cake
  • Plans for a Saturday night out
  • Getting my nails and toenails done
  • A good catch up at the salon and Dexter being a little angel
  • Out for dinner with friends and their baby
  • Freddie and Dexter together
  • An amazing Pizza
  • X factor and chocolate
  • Dexter in his big boy clothes
  • Getting ready for a night out with Nik, with Dexter on his first sleep over
  • Big hair and heals
  • Dinner and prosecco
  • Cocktails
  • A great night out with my wonderful man
  • Sunny Sunday
  • A day out at Chatsworth with our friends Rich and James
  • Gorgeous countryside
  • Sculpture exhibition
  • Dexter supper cute in his woolly hat
  • A lovely day out
  • A pub dinner
  • The end of a wonderful weekend with lots done.


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Big Boho happiness Love

Kelly xx



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