Q & A with Stormy from Stormy Sloane Photography

Today I have a Q&A with the lovely Stormy from Stormy Sloane Photography. I met Stormy through twitter and instantly fell in love with her work, it is modern, fresh, crisp and romantic. Stormy is originally from America, but fell in love with her English Husband and now lives in London.  Her background is in fashion and editorial photography, but her love of romance and weddings saw her move into wedding photography. Her main aim is to capture the romance of a couples wedding day, and to tell the story of their love through her photography.
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So here are a few questions I asked her so you can get to know her a bit better.

Name and company name:
Stormy Sloane, Stormy Sloane Photography

Stormy is a wedding photographer for crazy-in-love couples. She strives to create images that are modern, fashionable, and beautiful. She loves her husband, her camera, and her brides unconditionally. Stormy is based in London, but works internationally.

stormy sloane

How long have you been taking photos for?
I purchased my first good camera about three years ago. I’ve been photographing professionally for about a year and a half now.

How would you describe your style?
My style is contemporary and modern, but still real and emotional. I’m inspired by fashion, nature, and people in love, and I think all of those elements come out in my work.

Stormy Sloane

What made you get into wedding photography?
When I was just starting out as a photographer, I did a lot of portrait work for aspiring models. A colleague saw my website and asked me to photograph her upcoming wedding. I almost didn’t do it – I was by no means a wedding photographer, and I gave her a whole laundry list of reasons she should hire a professional – but she insisted because she loved my images. In the end I agreed, and it was such a great experience that I’ve never looked back!

Where are you based?
I’m based in London, England.

Stormy Sloane

How far will you travel for a wedding?
I enjoy traveling and photographing couples in new surroundings, so I’m up for anything really! I’ll be photographing a wedding in America this summer, and I’m looking forward to that quite a bit!

How long do you normally spend at a wedding?
I prefer to capture all the main events of the wedding, which means that if it’s up to me, I’ll arrive in time to photograph the bride getting ready, and generally stay until 8 or 9 in the evening.

Stormy Sloane

What is your favorite bit of technical kit?
It’s got to be my Canon 5D Mark II

What is it about wedding photography that you love?
There are so many things, but my very favorite aspect of wedding photography is the personal relationship I share with my clients. The brides I work with entrust me to capture images of the most important day of their life, and in turn I get to do what I love for people who truly value and appreciate it. Plus, 9 times out of 10 they become my real-life friends – it’s a win-win situation really!

Stormy Sloane

What sort of couple would be your ideal couple to photograph?
My ideal couple is crazy-in-love, with a good attitude and a willingness to trust me. It helps if they think I’m funny, but it’s not required.

What celeb would you like to photograph?
After much thought, I think it has to be Sarah Jessica Parker, although I wouldn’t say no to the late Heath Ledger, Angelina Jolie, or The Killers. Who am I kidding, I wouldn’t say no to any celebrity!

Stormy Sloane

Who is your favorite photographer and why?
I love lots of different photographers for different reasons. I’m currently amazed by Jasmine Star, Lara Jade, Cooper Carras, and Joey Lawrence (but not because of Twilight.)

If you were to get married who would take your pictures / Who did take the pictures at your wedding?
?We were gifted wedding photography by my husband’s cousin, and he did an excellent job. If we were to do it over again with a bigger budget, I think we would probably end up flying someone in from California, although it would be extremely difficult to choose.

Stormy Sloane

What are you plans for the next 2 years?
Over the next two years, I hope to continue growing my business and meeting lots of lovely people in the wedding industry.

What in your opinion makes the perfect photo?
I think the perfect photo is the one that means the most to you. In my opinion, perfection has has very little to do with technical aspects, and a whole lot to do with the emotion and memories connected to an image.

Stormy Sloane

What is your biggest achievement so far within your photography?
My biggest achievement so far is that every single couple I’ve worked with is happy to recommend me to their friends and family. I measure my success by what my clients say, rather than by awards other photographers have given me. I’m most proud of my business when a bride tell me, “You felt just like another member of the family,” or when a bride’s mother pulls me aside to say, “We can’t thank you enough, we will treasure these pictures forever.”

What sort of other photography do you do apart from weddings?
Weddings are my focus, but I do a bit of portrait, family, and child photography as well – mostly for my previous brides and grooms! I also do some work in the fashion world, and am published internationally a few times a year in that genre.

Stormy Sloane

What advice would you give couples when choosing their wedding photographer?
Other than the obvious advice of picking someone who takes the kind of pictures you love, I would advise couples to choose a photographer with a great personality. A wedding photographer’s job includes interacting with the entire wedding party and spending a lot of time next to the bride and groom, so a bad personality can really impact the day negatively.

What is your favourite photo that you have taken?
At the moment, my favourite photo is from a wedding just a few weeks ago. It’s an image of a bride named Firdous and her husband Juan. Firdous really wanted some great sunset pictures, but as the wedding was in rainy London, I just wasn’t sure we would be able to make it happen. Luckily, the sun came out for us, and I was able to capture some stunning sunset images of the two of them on an outdoor staircase at Pembroke Lodge.

Stormy Sloane

Tell us something about yourself that we may not know, non work related
When I was nine, I was the fastest swimmer ever. Had my family not moved to a town without a pool, I would be hanging out with Michael Phelps right now.

What do you really love? And what do you really hate?
I really love diet coke. I really hate sauerkraut, and being cold.

Stormy Sloane

For more information on Stormy’s work go to:
Website: www.StormySloane.com
Blog: www.StormySloaneBlog.com
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07799 390468

Stormy Sloane
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