Introducing Bran – The New Assistant Blogger at Boho HQ

As you know a few months ago I started the search to find a new assistant. The lovely Laura had been with me for nearly a year, helping out behind the scenes a few hours a week, but with her PHD nearly finished it was time for her to leave to find a full-time job. That left me with a vacancy to fill. Not only did I need someone to fill Laura’s shoes but I also needed someone who could step in and run the blog when I go off on my maternity leve in a couple of months.

So I put up a little post and the CVs came flooding in! I have to say I was inundated with applicants which is very flattering. It took me back to my days in recruitment, looking through CV reading covering letters, but this time I was looking for my own member fo staff! How scary and grown up!
Amway after weeks of CVs coming in I managed to get it down to a shortlist and finally decided on my new recruit and today I am delighted to welcome Bran along to the Blog.

I am lucky enough to have worked with Bran before, I know her through the wedding industry and have met her on a  personal and professional on a number of occasions. This coupled with her very impressive CV, I just knew that Bran was the women to hand the Boho baton onto! I am delighted that Bran is part of the Boho team. She will be doing a few hours a week for me now and then covering my maternity for 3 months when I head off to have by baby boy on 2nd June. When I come back on 1st September she will be staying with me, so I can cut my current 70 hours a week down to 40 to spend some time with my son! Going forward the blog will be a team effort and I couldn’t be more delighted that Bran is the lady I have entrusted the Blog with.


I’ve asked Bran to do a little intro for you all, just so you can get to know her better……….

Introducing Bran

“I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but whenever anyone asks me to say something about myself, I get a complete mind blank.”

I know I’ve done some interesting things over the years, I’m definitely not afraid of making a fool of myself, heck I’m currently sporting a short, pink, pixie crop and have an eclectic taste in fashion, so why do I find it so hard to bring the focus onto me?

Bran from Boho

In short, I’m a behind-the-scenes girl who set up her own PR and marketing company a few years ago. I feel at my most comfortable looking after the needs of other people, helping to get them in front of their audience, whilst I take shelter out back. I married the man of my dreams, who joined me as we built our little marketing empire- I’m his words and he’s my pictures- it works. And together we are a family of seven- Me, Chris, our two incredible boys, two carefree, sex-mad tortoises and one escape artist hamster.

Things I love…my husband (phwoar!), my boys (awww!), charity shop finds, crafting, painting my nails, fizz or gin or both, reading other people’s blogs, baking and then eating whatever I’ve baked, going to the cinema in the middle of the day, singing (not brilliantly but loudly and with passion), being with friends, wearing slippers all day, BIG hugs (I don’t do handshakes, you have been warned) and crying.

I cry when I’m happy. I cry when I hear a song that reflects a memory. I cry at pretty much any movie. I cry when someone is nice to me. I cry when someone is not nice to me. I cry when someone else cries.

So, there you have it, a brief introduction. Phew I did it! I’m sure we’ll have so much fun and get to be lifelong friends (Quote: Grease the Movie, Patty meets Sandy).  Another thing I love, so much so my friend and I used to watch it every day after college….(I was Marty Maraschino…like the cherry!)

Bran from Boho  

Please do make Bran very welcome, she is here to make my life easier and to make sure the blog stays up and running while I am off on maternity. She will be putting together regular blog posts so I’m sure you will hear from her very soon!



Big Boho Love

Kelly and Bran xx





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    I think I love Bran already.. anyone who can quote Grease like that in the middle of an otherwise very ordinary sentence is a crackin’ human being in my book!
    Good luck Bran, you’ll do us Boho lot just fine i’m sure xxxx
    Becki xx


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