Diary of a Boho Bride – Faye and Jens, Entry 2: Getting The Wedding Party Togther

diary of a boho bride

Afternoon everyone! and how are you all this Friday afternoon? It’s time for another Diary of a Boho Bride, and today it’s the turn of Faye and Jens. we met up with Faye last time when she was telling us all about planning her UK wedding from Germany.  Today Faye is talking to us about getting the wedding party together to meet each other, which hasn’t been easy considering everyone is spread across the world! We also get a glimpse into the bridesmaids dress shopping as well as the groomsmen suit shopping!

Faye and Jens E Shoot


I’ll pass the Blog over to Faye………………..

Hello Everyone,
As you know, we are having a very international wedding. Half of the wedding party are in Germany, one third is in England and the others are from Canada but are living in Geneva till the Summer.
So as you can guess a lot of the wedding party has never met each other before, we are although very fortunate that Julianne and Trevor (bridesmaid and usher) are living in Geneva this year, so it is easier/less expensive for us to meet up.

The first thing that Jens and I discussed while wedding planning was how to get everybody in the same room/country at the same time. We decided to kick off the ‘getting to know you’ rounds with Paddy the bestman in October. He came over to London with us to try on some suits and to get to know my London motley crew. In total we spent about 1 ½ hours looking at suits and we then ended up in a Mexican restaurant eaten street food and trying different tequilas…..this then resulted in us heading back to North London to meet my other friends in the pub to carry on the festivities with some good ol’ English ales. Paddy needless to say didn’t emerge from his room till 1pm the next day and no suits were purchased. He is though now a fully-fledged member of the London gang .

Diary of a Boho Bride

As October wasn’t very productive with suit buying, we ladies decided that we could do better with bridesmaid dress shopping.
We also decided that we would meet up in London, as I knew where to go in order to fit in as many shops as possible in one day.  Julianne and Trevor travelled earlier than us on the Friday so my Mum and Dad kindly collected them from Luton and then drove to Stansted to collect Jens and myself. Us girls then met up with Claire at the station the next day, this was also the first time that Claire and Julianne had seen each other (apart from facebook photos). We went to Oxford Street and walked straight into coast, the shop there is lovey with a beautiful changing room full of big mirrors and lush drapey fabric. Typical of us we fell in love with the first dresses that they tried on, we decided though that we should try on some more as it wasn’t even 10am yet. We went on to look at two more shops, fell into a café and decided that we would indeed go back to coast and buy the very first dress that they tried on!

Diary of a Boho Bride Diary of a Boho Bride

The boys on the other hand were meant to be going suit shopping again…. We received a phone call at about 1pm to say what pub they were in near Oxford Street and when we arrived they were not just drinking lemonade. My Dad was the main culprit though as he had packed a flask of rum, and everytime Jens said no to a drink he had to drink from the flask…..
So as you can guess their day had resulted in trying on one suit, and then heading to the pub, needless to say no suits were purchased on that day either.
We then headed home and met up with the rest of the London gang for a fish and chip supper and my nerves were calmed as everybody loved Trevor and Julianne and they loved everybody else too.

Diary of a Boho Bride

I think that the moral of the story is, that I shouldn’t have worried about problems with the different cultures and groups of friends not knowing eachother, as everybody got along famously. I also learnt that boys are rubbish at shopping! I am wondering how the third round of suit shopping will go next weekend…

Faye xx

PS: As for the Bridesmaid’s dresses and the infamous suits, you will have to wait till August to see the pics .



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