Happy Valentines Day – Valentines Day Inspiration And a Very Lovely Poem


valentines Day Inspiration


Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day. To celebrate this day of love I have put together a little inspiration board for you full of love, hearts and happy thoughts. I hope it spreads some valentines day cheer into your world.

I also wanted to share with you a rather wonderful poem I received from the wonderful people over at Confetti . I was thrilled to bits when I received this today, and it really goes to show that they follow me and the blog quite avidly! So Big thanks to them.

Valentines Inspiration

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Kelly Hood, you little star…
We’re in love with what you do
Boho Weddings is our favourite read
Which is why this poem’s for you

We reckon Nik is the world’s luckiest guy
For marrying someone with such class
Your quirky lovable personal style
Is difficult to surpass

It’s been nearly three and a half years
Since you found matrimonial bliss
Your blog is testimony to your happiness
We hope you celebrate today with a kiss

For on this day of Saint Valentine
Roses sell at a premium
But you never undersell your readership
With your ideas quite Bohemian

Kitty Dee may get your cuddles
And we won’t deny her that
But secretly we’re jealous
And would like to be your cat

We also love the fact
That you got married in the sun
An Ibiza island wedding
Sure sounds like a lot of fun!

In Cornish they say “my a’th kar”
Which translates to “I love you”
But Sheffield folk share their feelings
Over a cup of Yorkshire brew

In the A to Z of everything
We searched the alphabet through
And found our favourite letter
Yes Kelly, that letter was “U”

Now you must meet a lot of brides
And give a lot of advice
You always manage to hit the spot
And help their days turn out nice

You’re a wedding planning celebrity
And from that top-spot, you won’t budge
Which is why you’re so well respected
As a Wedding Industry Experts panel judge

We took a poll around the office
And everyone confessed
That when they’re not reading your blog
They’re pinning your stuff on Pinterest
Good luck with the Be.Workshops
We’re happy to spread the word
As we know it’ll certainly draw a crowd
On Sunday March the third

On that subject we also adore
Your site’s Dates For Your Diary section
In one single place, you’ve managed to group
Quite a considerable collection

…of events and shows and lots of cool fairs
We’re impressed with the your well-researched list
Your knowledge of all things nuptial
Is the reason you deserve to be kissed!

Were you aware that an anagram of your road
Spells out “Lady Love Ran Virile”
It’s quite apt as you’re the queen of Amour
And you’re miles ahead on style

So, Kelly you’re one in a million
And we wanted to reach out and say
That we love everything that you’re doing
Have a happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Love from all the team here at Confetti.co.uk


Big Boho Valentines Day Love

Kelly xxx



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    The Confetti Team

    Thanks for posting this on your blog
    We’re delighted to have your attention
    And thanks too to Maria and Alison
    For your kind and heartfelt mention!

    Hope everyone has a gorgeous St. Valentine’s Day!

    xxx The Confetti.co.uk Team xxx


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