Diary of a Boho Bride – Meet The New Boho Brides

A few weeks ago I put out a request for new brides to join me to write for the Diary of  a Boho Bride feature. With only Laura and Rachel left after Jessica and Claire were married this summer, I decided it was time for some new brides with new stories to share with you my lovely readers.
I have to admit I wasn’t quite ready for the response I got! It has taken me till now to let you know who the new Boho brides are because it has taken me so long to read through all of the applications.

It has been a really hard decision to make, but I have at last got there. I originally asked for 3 new couples, but as there were so many amazing applicants I have picked 5.

These 5 brides (and grooms) will be joining Laura and Rachel in a new weekly series of Diary of a Boho Bride as of December, so you will be getting more regular updates from them, as all 7 of them keep you updated with their wedding planning stories.

I’ve tried to pick a wide selection of brides for you, different themes, different dates, different ideas, so offering as much variety as possible.

Each Bride has written a little introduction so you can get to grips with their wedding plans, and I have put together a mood board for them each using their own pinterest boards.


So Introducing the 5 new Boho Brides……………


diary of a boho bride

 Carys and Aaron

Date – 6th September 2013

Venue – Cephalonia  Greece

‘A very intimate, laid back wedding, a true taste of Greece – White and Blue’

I’d never really pictured myself as a bride.  I cannot say that I was ever one of those girls growing up who had her big day mapped out, I’d always just wanted to meet someone who I couldn’t ever imagine myself being without.  9 years ago that very person, my better half Aaron, walked into my life.  In all honesty, the past 9 years have thrown some tough times our way.  We’ve suffered painful loss and bereavements during our relationship but through it all we have anchored ourselves firmly to the seabed and refused to sink.  When Aaron got down on one knee on a rickety little jetty jutting out into the Ionian Sea at the stunning castle of Methoni earlier this year, it was the most incredible of surprises.  Even more beautiful than the location itself was the perfect diamond and sapphire engagement ring that he was holding.  I knew from that moment that the theme of our wedding must be true to the beauty of the ring, blue and white, the colours of Greece.

We have spent the past 9 years together travelling around the Greek Islands and seeking out remote, unspoilt corners of Greece.  From the moment we stepped foot on Greek soil together we were intoxicated by it’s beauty.  We are never happier than when we are relaxing by the water’s edge in a rustic Greek taverna for hours on end.  When times have been difficult for us we’ve always jumped on a plane and like Odysseus himself, headed to our spiritual home.

Which is why for us, we just couldn’t contemplate getting married anywhere else.  We want our day to be a reflection of all the things in life that we love the most and for us, the Greek Island of Cephalonia – the first Island we ever visited in 2004, was the perfect location for our big fat Greek Wedding.  There is a poem by Kavafis entitled ‘Ithaca’, the sister island to Cephalonia, which embodies us so much as a couple and which will be the inspiration for our day.

We are looking at a very intimate, laid back wedding with around 25-30 guests.  We have chosen our two bridesmaids, my best friend and soul mate from university and Aaron’s beautiful sister; the very person who first introduced us.  As well as our flower girl, Aaron’s 3 year old cousin, who has already started using her piggy bank to save for her first ever holiday!  We want our guests to experience a true taste of Greece and fall in love with the country that has shaped and molded us into the couple we are today.  What we are looking forward to the most is being in a place that means so much to us with those that we could not be without, watching the sunset over the Ionian Sea.  It really doesn’t get much better than that.


diary of a boho bride

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Diary of a Boho Bride

Becki Mallows aged 27 and Jonny Durrans aged 29.

Date: 31st August 2013

Venue: Holdsworth House Hotel in Halifax

A self confessed DIY devotee aiming for a shabby chic, handmade but classic style of wedding – Navy Blue, Rustic brown and Ivory

We were both born and have grown up together in Bradford where we met at Thornton Grammar School aged just 15 and 17! We have been together 11 years and counting (longer than some marriages i hear you say!!) How mad is that? And yes we are only just getting round to actually tying the knot!!!
We got engaged in October 2011 on holiday in Fuerteventura exactly 1 week after my best friend in the whole entire world, Emma, got married to her fiance of 9 years!
You see me Emma both share the same quality.. patience.. lots of it! But it pays off because i got the chance to be her right hand woman as her bridesmaid aka chief DIY devotee for her wedding and now I have the experience, knowledge and understanding I could never have anticipated for planning my own wedding.

Our venue is a gorgeous jacobean manor house and has kept a lot of of it’s olde world charm which goes perfectly with our shabby chic, handmade but classic style of wedding decoration. We are having 3 bridesmaids and the colour scheme is Navy Blue, Rustic brown and Ivory.
There will be a few quirky details which breaks from this theme slightly just to keep our guests on their toes! And something which I am really excited about.. is the balloon release which we are hoping will be something that none of our guests have seen at a wedding before.

I’ll start by telling you that I have always been a crafter.. ever since I was a little girl, not much of an artist but I always much preferred stationery shops to clothes shops, making things with paper and fabric etc. So i started making greetings cards which led to wedding stationery and I now have my own little facebook page called Love Knot Creations

We are naming each table after a song close to our hearts by bands we adore and have been to a lot of their gigs. So the recycled jam jars are being decorated with printed sheets of the lyrics to that song and then they will be finished off with a ribbon round the top and a tealight inside which will create romantic lighting hopefully. Birdcages as centerpieces will also have tea-lights in. Very tealighty!!
We have our photographer booked.. the very talented duo at Paul Joseph Photography
As you can tell I have so many things going on with this wedding planning and so many creative ideas for it so I think what better way to record it all than share it on your blog and with other brides to be. I have become addicted to other people’s wedding planning as well as my own so I would love to be a source of inspiration for other people out there seeking the same.


diary of a boho bride

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diary of a boho bride

 Charlotte Battle and Alan Muff

Date – 7th September 2013

Venue – The Alma Inn at Laneshaw Bridge 

‘A shabby chic, rustic, woodland wedding  of dusky pink and aubergine’

I’m Charlotte and on Saturday 7th September 2013 I marry my best friend….yes that’s right I will be Mrs Muff!!
Mr Muff works for the European Golf Tour. Last year I visited Crans-sur-Sierre in The Swiss Alps where he was working at a tournament, on the Saturday afternoon at the top of a glacier with not another soul in sight he went down on blended knee……and so planning our perfect day began.

We live within minutes of Haworth, famously known for the Bronte Sisters. We love nothing more than taking our pooch Paddy for walks on the moorland and stopping on main street for cake and a cuppa, and so decided we would be married in the church there.

I had visions of a rustic/woodland wedding and quickly chose The Alma Inn at Laneshaw Bridge as its countryside location, beamed ceilings and stone floors fit the bill…not to mention the sumptuous food!! They allow us to create our own wedding package, deciding on the menu will be hard but things like a hog roast supper, live band and a twinkling dance floor are all in place.

I am an Admin Manager with Sainsburys and love a to-do list, so here is what I have already done…..
Ordered my dress as well as an old fashion bus to take my guests to Church and Venue. Guests in the church will choose a seat, not a side.
Florist booked….they are creating me a magical woodland using logs, candles, vintage roses and various wild flowers We are on the hunt for a classic self drive car My colour scheme of dusky pink and aubergine has been decided.
The decor will shabby chic, lots of wooden made signs, hearts and garlands. I love candlelight and wish to set lots of lanterns off in the dark of night. I have been collecting jam jars, not sure what for yet but I will think of something.
I have taken lots of inspiration from Pinterest, my iPhone is full of ideas for handmade table plans, favours and stationary.

I have a passion for photography, so finding the right people for the job was very important. We did not want the traditional style and Paul and Kelly of PaulJoseph Photography are far from that. After meeting them we instantly had a connection. As part of the package we have a love shoot. We live next to the location of the original Railway Children film and this will be where our shoot will take place along the track and steam train, a very romantic setting for such an occasion.


Diary of a Boho Bride

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Diary of a Boho Bride

(Photo credit: www.jordannamarston.com)

Faye and Jens

Date – August 3rd 2013

Venue – South Farm in Royston Cambridgeshire

‘An outdoor DIY wedding in the farm gardens, a mixture of our favourite colours, which are blues, purples and greens’

Hello or Guten Tag as they say over here,
I met Jens 6 years ago when I was studying at the University of Reutlingen in Germany for a semester, I lived in a halls of residence which had a bar in the basement and I knew the bar manager (of course). I wasn’t feeling very well but Andre who managed the bar convinced me to keep him company for an hour, and within that hour Jens walked in and the rest is history! A few moths later I returned to London to finish my degree and we both realised that we couldn’t live without each other, so we flew around for 6 months between Stuttgart and London until I had finished studying and moved to Germany to be with him.

5 years, 2 more degrees, 4 jobs and 2 cities later we jetted off to see our best friends in Calgary for thanksgiving. Jens decided that we should take a road trip through the rockies to Kalowna and do some wine tasting for a weekend, and in between tasting wine and celebrating our 5 year anniversary he pulled out a kinder surprise from his pocket, now this is nothing weird for Jens, as he had bought me one for our first date and he always had a way of giving me those eggs on anniversaries and birthdays, so I just held onto the egg for a while, it wasn’t until about 20 minutes later when I opened the thing, that Jens went down on one knee and I realised that he had hid a ring inside…..poor Jens, well they do say that good things come to those who wait :-)

Our wedding will take place on South Farm in Royston this August and it will be an outdoor wedding in the gardens (if the rain holds off) followed by the reception which will take place on the farm, we chose South Farm as we are both quite relaxed and we loved the idea of getting married in the gardens and having little piglets and chickens running around.
We don’t have a wedding theme but our colours will be a mixture of our favourite colours, which are blues, purples and greens. My Mum is making our wedding cake from scratch as that has always been her dream and we will try and do as many diy touches as possible, I am sure that the odd kinder surprise might find it’s way in there somehow.

What I am most looking forward to, apart from being Mrs Hamann, is having the excuse to fly to London every couple of months to organise things that I can’t do over the phone or internet (and having a good natter with my girls), having a whale of a time at the reception and seeing our family and friends together in one place for the first and hopefully not the last time.


diary of a boho bride

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Diary of a Boho Bride

(Photo Credit: http://pauljosephphotography.co.uk/blog/)

Joanne Herapath 27 and Nick Thompson 28

Date –  27th July 2013

Venue – 315 Bar and Restaurant, Lepton, Huddersfield 

Jo’s vision for the day: “The theme for our wedding is shabby chalkboard cocktail chic with an apple green and ivory colour scheme. I am hoping for a traditional yet laid back day with all our friends and family around us enjoying themselves.”
Nick’s vision for the day: “The theme for the wedding is “tradition with a twist”. The green is olive not apple, but what would I know.  I am hoping for a wedding that all our family and friends will remember for ages with moments they will recognise as being distinctly our style.”

JO – We got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2011. Last New Year my Nan had told Nick if he didn’t propose in 2011 he would be in trouble and so, of course, he left it until the last minute to do his thing. I cried bucket loads, we drank lots of champagne and then the planning began. 5 days later the church was booked! We have been together for 4 1/2 years after meeting through mutual friends. Nick lived in Liverpool and me in Huddersfield so after 2 years Nick made the move to Yorkshire and we have been living together happily since then.
We have always talked about weddings, even before we were engaged, and had lots of different ideas about how we wanted things to be. However, when it actually comes to deciding it for real and realising your decisions are going to cost thousands of pounds and determine the most important day of your life it all becomes a bit scary.

Nick – The theme for our day seems to be ever expanding, but the underlying theme has to be shabby chic. You can add to that though chalkboards, cocktails, and a little bit of vintage. I would also say we are doing all the traditional things you would expect from a wedding, but with a more modern feel and less pomp and ceremony so to say.
With only 314 days to big day (you can get an App for everything these days), we are well underway with our planning.  As already mentioned we have the church and the venue snapped up, we have also got a vintage double decker bus to take everyone from the church to the venue.  This was a priority of mine as I am originally from Liverpool and had visions of cars full of scousers getting lost all over West Yorkshire. Jo has her dress but I am struggling to find the suits for me and my entourage.  We have a fantastic photographer (Paul Joseph Photography) who we are chuffed to bits with but the videographer is proving to be a bit trickier.  We are also the proud owners of 120 martini glasses which we will be making our wedding favours out of.  They were too good to turn down at less than 30p a glass. With a lick of chalkboard paint and filled with cocktail jelly beans I have high hopes of them turning out spectacular and everyone being really impressed.


diary of a boho bride

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So there are our 5 new couples, do please make them all feel welcome to the blog. I am really looking forward to hearing all about their planning and we are all currently discussing what their first diary entries will be about. 


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    Natasha Hurley

    All of your weddings sound like they are going to be AMAZING! Wow, this is so fun to see how your journey’s unfold. Carys and Aaron – your wedding plans totally resonated with me, having photographed a wedding in Greece last year, I can truly say its one of the best places for getting married and having totally gorgeous photography – the backdrop of the whitewashed houses, Ionian Sea, sunshine and heat makes it so beautiful. There are some photographs from the wedding on my website if you want to check it out (www.natashahurley.com) – the bride had a gorgeous lace dress and we went to a ruined monastery for photographs after the ceremony, and of course get in touch if you want to chat. xxx


    Chuffed to bits that Paul and I will be snapping 3 of these gorgeous couples. Woooo hoooo. Looking forward to hearing about all 7 boho brides .Kel x


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