Bridal Style: Alina Pizzano Autumn 2012 Collection

On today’s Bridal style we are talking wedding dresses with the amazing Alina Pizzano . I featured Alina back in February with the spring 2012 collection with a bit more information about her. Today I’m delighted to share with you the new Autumn 2012 Collection, which I have to say I absolutely LOVE!

Alina Pizzano Alina Pizzano

Alina has taken inspiration from Morocco (where I’m going in a couple of weeks!) and I have to say I like this collection even more than the last one! The dresses are perfect for any Boho Bride and there is a style to suit everyone’s taste. I think my favourite has to be Layali. I just love the draping and the waist detail! I’d love to know what you think. Which is your favourite?

Alina Pizzano

Alina Pizzano

Alina tells us more about her inspiration………..
‘As with each Collection I design, I look to be inspired by many different things.  Some inspiration comes to me from nature, at times it may be architecture.  This particular Collection was inspired by Morocco.  It started when one of my vendors brought me a sample of lace, which instantly got my design mind spinning and dreaming of Moroccan design.  I began to think about the architectural designs, the warmth, the flow of fabrics, all of the beauty that makes Morocco and designed from there.  I actually used the original lace inspiration in the Nasira gown.’

‘This Collection is actually my fifth and I am already fast at work on number six, which will be a classic vintage Hollywood with a modern twist.  The new Collection will go back a bit to my roots in designing ready-to-wear for Anne Klein and BCBG and bringing that sense of fabrication to bridal.’

Alina Pizzano Daliyah Alina Pizzano Daliyah Alina Pizzano Layali Alina Pizzano Layali Alina Pizzano Sahar Alina Pizzano Sahar Alina Pizzano Samarah Alina Pizzano Samarah wedding dress Huma wedding dress Huma wedding dress Rehana wedding dress Rehana wedding dress Nasira wedding dress Nasira


Just a note to any bridal stockist out there, Alina is still looking for a stockist in the UK if any of you lovely bridal owners are interested?


For more information on Alina’s designs go to:
Alina Pizzano Couture bridal
235 east colorado blvd.
pasadena ca 91101
t. 626.584.0076    f. 626.584.0957
[email protected]
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Photography by: www.abiqphotography.com
Model:  Julia LaCour


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    Om my how pretty! I love the colour of Rehand and totally the style and material of Nasira… how pretty!


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