365 Happiness Project: Day 256

365 Happiness Project
  • Today’s Happiness could actually be an unhappy post as it is all about Chris Moyles and his last radio show…..BUT today has made me realise something and it’s that thing that has made me happy. Way back when I was a little girl and I’m talking 6/7 years old I was given a little transistor radio by my mum and every weekend I used to listen to this before my mum and dad woke up, I’d listen t Tony Blackburn’s Juniors Choice (showing my age!) and from there on I haven’t really turned onto anything other than radio 1.
    As any only child I often spent time listening to the radio instead of watching the TV, I guess having someone talking to you from a little box make ou feel that someone is there, offering some kind of company to a rather lonely time.
    I have seen radio 1 change a lot since then and at 40 years old I am still listening to it from 9am to 10pm pretty much every day. I have my favourite shows (the review show at 9pm on  a Tuesday and Nick Grimshaw 10pm-12am show Monday to Thursday, plus all the dance stuff they have on at the weekend) but Chris Moyles has always been a legend! I know he has a lot of haters, but you have to give him credit he has accomplished a lot over the last few years and so have all his team. Listening and watching to this last week of shows has made me reflect a bit, and made me really appreciate what the radio has done for me, it’s brought me friends each day that I tune into and feel as if I know, it’s educated me with the news and with music and for that I thank radio 1. I wish Chris and the team all the best for the future, you will be missed!


365 Happiness Project


Big Boho happiness Love

Kelly xx

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