Saturday Cinema: Stunning Chateau Wedding in the Vineyards of Bordeaux by Clark and Palmer

Happy Saturday Everyone and welcome along to another Saturday Cinema. I have a real beauty for you today and it comes all the way from Bordeaux and is brought to you by the amazing Clark and Palmer Films. This wedding film has been put together beautifully and is totally stunning! It’s the wedding of Jasmine & Adrian Champion who were married on 1st October at the Chateau De La Ligne just outside of Bordeaux,  A beautiful Chateau in the middle of a stunning set of rolling vineyards.



I asked Tom from Clarke and Palmer what his favourite part of the wedding was.

‘This was an incredible wedding to film with so many amazing memories.  Firstly the weather, with some people coming out with the phrase ‘it’s actually TOO hot’ we knew we were onto a winner, the blazing sun hitting the vineyards made for some glorious views and some incredible footage.  The mix of cultures was a joy, with Jasmine’s family being Punjabi and Adrian having a more English background we were treated to some incredible Indian cuisines the night before.  It was great having two different cultures bringing their traditions to one wedding, and the fact that Punjabs know how to party helped! They certainly showed the English how a party is supposed to go down!  The little touches were also something special, with a harpist playing as guests arrived, with each one being greeted with an ice cold (and much needed!) bottle of lemonade.  It was astonishing for so many people to travel so far for a wedding, and this clearly shows the family orientating of both sides and cultures.  The couple were incredibly accommodating too (it helped that Jasmine is a wedding planner too) always on hand to help us out and make sure we had everything we need, whilst also allowing us masses of creative freedom, even in the scorching heat of the vineyards.  The photographer too was an absolute joy to be with, we all really bonded and we’re desperate to work with Dasha from Exhibit Emotions again as she was amazing and took some unbelievable photos.  The wine too! To be able to sample the wine (after filming had finished of course!) that was made from the vineyards that we had shot in that afternoon was just such a nice little touch, and what nice wine it was!’

‘A good wedding video is one that captures the emotions and the atmosphere of the day.  Anyone can film a wedding or any event and show you what happened on the day, but to make the viewer feel like they were there takes something special.  You have to show the emotions that everyone goes through, whilst letting the personalities of the couple and of their families shine through.  One of the biggest compliments we’ve had is people saying ‘I feel like I know the couple and I’ve only watched them for 2 minutes’.  If we can connect the audience and put them through the emotions that were circulating on the day then we have achieved our goal.  A wedding is a special event, if it not captured right and edited correctly then the special element turns into the mundane on the first viewing.  It needs a blend of the right music (accustomed to the couple) and the right style, which is why we adjust our style for each couple, we know the types of things they will want in it.  We don’t have a template of how we make our wedding films, they completely differ from wedding to wedding, this keeps it all fresh and different.  We haven’t been to two weddings that look anywhere near to similar so why should two wedding films?’


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