Valentine’s Day – What do you really think of it? And what will you be doing today?

So today is Valentine’s Day! Some of you will be loving today, while for others it may be your worst nightmare! For a wedding blog that is all about love and romance I guess I should be revelling in all things pink, red and heart-shaped!

To be honest I’ll leave that to the other blogs for this year!
I was going to put a Valentine’s Day inspiration board together for you ……but I’ve done that before, then I thought of a collection of love inspired and romantic photos….but I’ve done that before. So instead I wanted to ask you what you really think of valentines and what your plans were to celebrate the day!

valentine's day (image source Bakers Royale)

My personal views on Valentine’s Day have changed throughout my years.
At school it was horrible, will you get a card? Will the popular lad in your year that every girl fancies fancy you back? Or will you go home empty-handed for yet another year? This was then replaced by years of checking for mail for a secret card from a secret admirer…….still nothing!! Being single on Valentine’s Day really does suck! All those self-important couples parading their love around you and making your feel nauseas at their pure disregard for your feelings! For someone who was once called a cross between Bridget Jones and Phoebe from friends Valentine’s Day really was pretty pants!

I have spent a number of valentines days with old boyfriends (and old fiancés) continually feeling let down by the day…and by them!
But in love and generally in the first throws of courtship it can be one of the most amazing days of the year!

I remember the year I met my husband what an amazing valentine’s day (and to this date definitely the best) a day full of fancy hotels, dinner, passion, gifts and a huge ‘show’ of our affection for each other.
But as the years have gone on, when you are in a relationship Valentine’s Day gets less and less romantic (maybe I’m just talking about myself here??) and it becomes less important!

valentine's day (image source I am baker)

Personally for me know Valentine’s Day isn’t the day it was when I was that single Bridget Jones type character. I have found my love, my soul mate and I don’t need a day to tell me that I need to celebrate love….I celebrate love every day! Yes it’s lovely to make more of an effort on Valentine’s day to take some time out to spend with each other…………good old ‘quality time’ but as for sitting in a crowded, over priced restaurant amongst a load of other couples either pretending to be in love, or hoping to be in love by the end of the night, those days are over!
So there is no MASSIVE love week for me on the blog, because every week is love week, and every week should be love week if you are in any sort of relationship. Celebrate being a couple! Celebrate the fact that you don’t need Valentine’s Day to tell each of you that you are in Love.
And if you not in a relationship then celebrate that fact!…..as the late great Whitney Houston sang ‘Learning to love yourself can be the greatest love of all’

valentine's day (image source Lvletters via Etsy)

So what will I be doing today to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Well rather unromantically Nik and I have an appointment this afternoon with our fertility specialist at the hospital! So no doubt the result of that appointment will have some bearing on how romantic we feel afterwards! I have planned to take the afternoon and evening off from work anyway to spend some time together whatever the outcome, so hoping to cook a nice meal together open some fizz and maybe watch a film!

valentine's day (image source Erin Ever After)


So what about you? What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? Do you love it or loath it? Do you have good memories about it or bad?
I’d also love to know what your pans are for the day, are you planning a big romantic celebration or something smaller like me?
Get involved and leave your thoughts below.


Happy valentines
Kelly xx

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    Laura C

    That cross between Bridget Jones and Pheobe just make me snort on my coffee! Though to be honest I can’t see it…

    Anyway, I hate V-day. Hate Hate Hate. When I was younger and single it was obviously a let down, and then I had a string of awful, horrible boyfriends who still made the day a let-down.

    Saying that, I love to give gifts and make people feel special so I will always go to the effort to make the Mr happy. Over the weekend I had a bash at that pink ombre cake that’s flitting around Pinterest (it came out amazing!), as a ‘valentines cake’. Any excuse. Tonight i’ve got a bottle of red in and will be having sushi for dinner (not a la Samatha SATC I must add). It could be any normal night to be honest!

    I gave the Mr a card and pressie the morning. And he gave me nothing. See, total let down!


    Bless you Laura, I’m sure he wil come up trumpst ater on for you, men just need thet day itslef to remeber.
    Enjoy the cake (sounds amazing) I read teh how to tutorial o it adn it sounds way to comlicated fro my efforts!

    Georgina @Rubyweddings

    I agree, when you are single Valentines Day sucks and can be total torture! However although I know V Day is a gimmick that the cards companies made up I don’t see anything wrong with a day dedicated to love! Yes, you should show your partner every day that you love them but for one day of the year for it to be a little bit more special – what is wrong with that!?! We’re not having a fancy meal out tonight but will have a special dinner at home with some fizz and we always buy each other a card!
    Enjoy your day Kelly and good luck with your appointment. xx

    Neda Lahrodi-Blake

    Today has started with all of our friends and family wishing each other happy Valentine’s Day, love comes in many different hsapes and form and not restricted to couples : )
    It has been really sweet to get nice emails, text, calls sometimes we all forget to be extra loving no matter how much we like to be. My 1 year wedding anniversary is next week so my indulgent celebrations is for then x

    Sheffield wedding photographer - PH Weddings

    I totally agree – you should show your love all year round not just on one day. Also its the little things that count not the grand gestures.

    I remember once cooking Paul a Valentine’s pizza which I cut into a heart shape for him. He asked for the leftover part as he was more bothered about the food ;)

    Hope the appointment goes well


    Anne Brassier (itakenicephotos)

    I agree, you don’t need Hallmark to tell you when to be romantic. Central London is currently filled with couriers delivering (yawn) red roses and blokes lining up outside Agent Provocateur, but surely that can happen any day of the year. For me… a hand made card from the little one and fish n chips with champagne with the husband, and a game of Scrabble. Nerdy. But lovely. Also good luck with fertility appt – been down that road, it’s v hard… fingers crossed for you.



    What a lovely blog post Kelly and so refreshing! I grew up with my dad grumbling about Valentine’s Day and how he showed he loved my mum everyday so he wasn’t going to join in with it (it’s that or he was just making excuses for not buying her flowers!). So I’m not that fussed by it either, there’ll be no huge show of roses or heart-shaped things in our house today, no fancy meals out, no elaborate gifts. We are going to make pizza together (he makes the dough, I make the sauce), which is one of the things we love to do, and that’s all that’s planned today! Have a lovely day and enjoy your evening away from work xXx


    Loving all your comments so far, it seems that I’m not the only one. although I do feel extra specially musshy today!?!

    Keep them coming xxxx


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