Jeannette and Lola’s Intimate and Rustic Outdoor Wedding in California by Hershey K Photography

Hello Monday! and welcome along to another week on the blog. I hope you all had a good weekend? Mine was pretty quiet for a change. We were meant to be seeing Diversity on Saturday night but at the very last minute it got cancelled as Ashley Banjo had an injury! So last minute we were in the car on the way there! Hopefully they will reschedule soon and we will get to see them. So After a chilled half term I am now back and raring to go, starting the week with the gorgeous wedding of Jeannette and Lola who were married on 1st October 2022 in Lodi California. They chose an intimate outdoor ceremony, with their closest friends and family. The whole day has a real calm and warm feeling to it, perfect for our two gorgeous brides. Big thanks to Hershey K Photography for capturing the day for us.

Hershey tells us more about the wedding

In a picturesque, intimate setting nestled amidst nature’s beauty, Jeannette and Lola, two radiant brides, came together to exchange vows in a ceremony that was nothing short of magical. Bathed in the soft, golden glow of the setting sun, their love story unfolded against the backdrop of nature’s most enchanting canvas.
Surrounded by close family and dear friends, the atmosphere was one of pure serenity and love. The tranquil sounds of rustling leaves and birdsong serenaded the gathering as they gathered in anticipation. The intimate setting, with its delicate floral decorations and rustic charm, perfectly complemented the couple’s love story.

Jeannette, in a white jumpsuit, exuded timeless elegance. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation as she awaited her beloved Lola. Lola, in her own ethereal gown, wore a smile that lit up the surroundings. Her heart overflowed with love for the woman who would soon become her forever.
As the sun dipped lower on the horizon, casting a warm and golden hue over the gathering, the ceremony began. Their vows, words spoken from the depths of their hearts, were filled with promises of love, unwavering support, and a lifetime of shared dreams. Tears of joy glistened in their eyes as they exchanged rings, sealing their commitment in a moment that seemed to stand still in time.
The soft breeze whispered through the trees, as if nature itself was bearing witness to the beauty of their love story. A chorus of birds overhead seemed to join in the celebration, their songs harmonizing with the words of love and devotion exchanged by the brides.

With a gentle, loving kiss, Jeannette and Lola sealed their vows, and their joy radiated like a beacon. Their love story, like the setting sun, was a testament to the beauty that can be found in life’s most intimate moments.
As they walked hand in hand, newly married and surrounded by their loved ones, the setting sun cast its final, golden rays upon the couple, illuminating their path forward. Their journey together was just beginning, filled with endless possibilities and a love that would light up their lives like the setting sun forever etched in their hearts.
Jeannette and Lola’s wedding day was a perfect reflection of the love they shared—intimate, beautiful, and bathed in the soft, golden glow of their everlasting love.



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