Ask the Experts: Best Destinations to Honeymoon in June

As we know, travel may be a bit of a tentative subject at the moment. Covid really has made a hash of planning any sort of holiday or honeymoon, so let’s fast forward to next year when (hopefully) we are allowed to get on a plane again. Planning your honeymoon is one of THE most exciting part of your wedding journey with so many wonderful places to choose from. However, the time of year you choose to go away will play a big part of your destination decision. Today we are looking at Honeymoons in June. With so many amazing weddings taking place in June it really is a fantastic month to honeymoon. So let our experts help you with your decision.

Best Destinations to Honeymoon in June

June is synonymous with summer days and wedding bells.  Probably the only thing more romantic than a June nuptial is a June honeymoon.  After all, who does not want to take advantage of the month’s pleasant weather?  Because June is not yet officially high season, you get excellent discounts that are almost impossible to find during July and August.

However, an off-season holiday can be unpredictable.  Not all popular honeymoon destinations are ideal for visiting in the summer.  For instance, the Caribbean hurricane season starts in June, and unless you’re there for the rain, you probably would want to spend your beach lounging somewhere else.  With that said, we have compiled a list of the best honeymoon destinations during the wedding month.  Whether you plan to visit a booming metropolis or a sun-drenched cove, these getaways guarantee that your first vacation as a married couple is one you will cherish for a lifetime.


A fairytale wedding deserves a fairytale honeymoon – and a tour around the magical capital of Denmark is the stuff of storybooks. June is a delightful time to visit Copenhagen. Unlike in the winter, all attraction sites are open, and the weather is pleasantly warm for sightseeing and scenic walks.

Soak up some romance at the Frederiksberg Have, with its lakes, stone bridges, manicured lawns, and flower beds.  Rent a rowing boat for a dreamy ride down the canals.  If you want adventure, brave the wooden roller coaster and the hair-raising Vertigo at the Tivoli Gardens. In the evening, listen to the Tivoli Late Night Orchestra or dance the night away on Saturday’s Swing at Plænen.

Learn a little about history at the National Museum of Denmark and the Rosenborg Castle. Be sure to wander around the 17th-century waterfront neighbourhood of Nyhavn for its rows of colourful townhouses, quaint shops, and outdoor cafés.  Don’t forget to walk to the Bridge Street Kitchen and enjoy the fabulous street food and the spectacular sunset view over the harbour.


What is a honeymoon list without Greece on it? The idyllic Greek island of Kefalonia has the perfect ambiance for romance – that is, if you are the type who loves simple pleasures like stargazing, sunset walks, and candlelit dinners on the beach. The island does have some clubs and bars but not the kind that blasts loud music until the wee hours of the morning. A typical night out would be a peaceful evening at a seaside tavern, where you can enjoy a view of the Ionian Sea while sipping a glass of the finest red wine.

Kefalonia may not have the iconic whitewashed buildings of the other Greek islands, but its breathtaking beaches make up for it. Head to the pebbled shores of Myrtos, voted 12 times as the best Greek beach. Go to Antisamos, the setting of the film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.  Enjoy fresh seafood in Skala, find hidden coves in Foki Fiscardo, lie on a sundeck in Lourdas. In June, the days will be a bit sizzling, but that is the perfect excuse to spend plenty of time sunbathing at one of the many unique Kefalonia rental villas, soaking in the infinity pool.

If you want to escape the heat, trek through the forest of Mountain Ainos, stroll along a vineyard in Paliki or take a tour into the surreal Melissani Cave.

  1. Andaman Islands

Undoubtedly as exotic as the Caribbean but not as crowded, the Andaman Islands is the ideal getaway for newlyweds craving the right blend of leisure and adventure. Located over 850 miles east of mainland India, the slightly off-the-radar paradise has dense rainforests and palm-lined beaches, luxurious resorts and rare wildlife, water sports and serene sunsets.

Havelock Island, the most popular destination on the Andaman archipelago, is suitable for diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.  Neil Island has stretches of secluded beaches that are perfect for a quiet retreat. For a touch of history, ramble through the Victorian ruins on Ross Island, once a British penal colony. Go on a nature trip through mangrove forests to the limestone caves in Baratang.  If you want something more challenging, trek the less travelled paths leading to Alfred Caves, then climb Saddle Peak, the highest point on the Andaman archipelago.


Laid-back and tropical, Okinawa seems worlds apart from mainland Japan.  But it is still every inch Japanese, complete with charming castles, cherry blossoms, and a culinary scene to die for. The archipelago boasts sweeping sandy beaches, glassy turquoise waters, and nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  You will find the poshest resorts and spas on the main island of Okinawa and the best water sports on the beaches of Manza, Emerald, and Okuma.  Take a short trip to Cape Manzamo and climb up Kouri Ocean Tower to ring the Bell of Love.

Get closer to nature and sail southwest to Iriomote for its subtropical mangrove forests, riverside jungles, majestic waterfalls, and the indigenous wildcat. Stargaze on Ishigaki Island, recognized as an International Dark Sky Park for its outstanding quality of starry skies.  Try to identify all 84 constellations seen on a clear night.

Okinawa is busiest during the Golden Week between late April to early May, when crowds from the mainland arrive.  So, if you visit in June, you will have the island to yourself.  Well, almost – but you get the point.

New York

Chic, cultured, chaotic, confounding, and cosmopolitan to the core, New York is quite an ambitious honeymoon destination and a fascinating one at that.  If you think the city is a little too fast-paced to be romantic, think again. Scratch beneath the surface, and you will understand why almost every Hollywood rom-com setting is in the Big Apple.

As cheesy as it sounds, professing your love with the New York skyline in the background is quite romantic. No? Try doing this at the top of the Empire State building for added effect.  If that’s not dreamy enough, take a horse-drawn carriage ride around Central Park or row a boat across the lake.  For lovers of the fine arts, watch a performance on Broadway or discover 5000 years’ worth of masterpieces at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you are going to go all out and try and see everything, it’s recommended you check out the New York travel pass which makes getting around and entry to venues really good value, helping you save the extra dollars for that cosmo.

And because you are in New York, you must experience the city’s eclectic food scene. With 64 Michelin-starred restaurants, countless cafés, quirky street food, and revolutionary eats, you will not regret doing so.







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