The Antibride – A tale of love and heartbreak! (A styled shoot)

There has been a lot of talk recently about styled shoots and the purpose behind them. There is talk that they are self-indulgent and a wast of time, I have to disagree!  Styled shoots are a great way of showcasing new wedding trends and a great way to show off suppliers talents in areas they may not normally be able to venture. They are there to inspire couples and show them how to create something new and innovative for their wedding day, so proving that they can break the mold if they want to.

Todays shoot fits into that bracket perfectly. Titled ‘The Anti Bride’ it’s not just showing off ideas for ideas sake it has it’s own story line!

anti bride styled shoot

The shoot itslef all came about through Joyce Connor from Brides and Beauty who is a make up artist has always been a massive fan of the Hammer House of Horror and B movies anything Gothic, Edwardian and quirky.

anti bride styled shoot
A couple of years ago while thinking about all the weddings she done she wanted to see what a different wedding would look like. Not every bride wants a traditional white wedding so Joyce put pen to paper and wrote a short story! Then while having coffee with Georgina of Ruby weddings Joyce told Georgina her idea and the shoot was born. When approaching suppliers to contribute to the shoot they asked Choccywoccydoodah to make the cake and they loved the story so much that they asked if they could film it as part of their TV series on The Good Food Channel.

anti bride styled shoot

The Antbride – A tale of love and heartbreak!
It’s the morning of Ophelia’s wedding everything is arranged. Her dress has arrived she is nervous but excited. She checks that everything is as it should be. Her dress men arrive to help her get ready. She is wearing a dark red dress and the 2 men dress her tie her purple Dr Marten boots.

anti bride styled shoot

anti bride styled shoot anti bride styled shoot anti bride styled shoot anti bride styled shoot anti bride styled shoot

The Groom, Raven holds a deep dark secret. Although he loves Ophelia very much he puts every woman he meets under his spell. He a tall handsome man so what woman could resist his charm. Little does Ophelia know that the 2 bridesmaids have already fallen under his spell. The girls find him attractive but they have no idea that Raven is not only cheating on Ophelia but he is also cheating on the two of them.

anti bride styled shoot

One bridesmaid lies on the bed while Raven crawls towards her, she has really fallen for him. While she sleeps Raven kisses the other bridesmaid who now knows the truth but can’t resist him. Raven is a good man but he can’t help being the way he is.

The bride leaves the castle bedroom with the bridesmaids and the butlers (her dressing men) to walk to the ceremony room where Raven greets his new bride Ophelia.

anti bride styled shoot anti bride styled shoot anti bride styled shoot anti bride styled shoot

They all sit down for a meal after the ceremony. They drink wine and celebrate.

Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot   Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot

Shortly after the truth comes out. Ophelia is angry and decides to smash the cake to pieces. She soon chases after the rest of the bridal with her axe. She finds them at the castle ruins already fighting among themselves.

Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot Anti Bride styled shoot

The team involved in the shoot:
Make Up :  Brides and Brides and Beauty  – www.bridesandbeauty.co.uk
Hair:   Brides and Brides and Beauty  – www.bridesandbeauty.co.uk
Set Direction:  Brides and Brides and Beauty  – www.bridesandbeauty.co.uk
Photographer: Tino & Pip photography – www.tinoandpip.co.uk
Event Stylist: Paula Rooney Weddings & Events – www.paularooney.co.uk
Florist: Paula Rooney Weddings & Events – www.paularooney.co.uk
Venue: Thornbury Castle – www.thornburycastle.co.uk
Cake: Choccywoccydoodah – www.choccywoccydoodah.com
Bride: Georgina Webb – www.ruby-weddings.co.uk
Bridesmaids: Joanna Dickinson & Francsca Hodge
Groom: Lee Broderick
Butlers: www.butlersinthebuff.co.uk
Brides Dress:  – www.veromia.co.uk
Bridesmaids dresses: www.fairygothmother.co.uk
Grooms outfit: www.angels.uk.com
Fascinators/hats: www.esemeefascinators.com
Jewellery: www.kloofandkandy.com
Umbrellas: Love Umbrellas
Videographer: Lina Rasmussen

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    Colette All Wrapped Up

    HOLY SH*T I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fantastic themeing & styling, the cake is amazing & I NEED that black lace necklace its reem! (new word learnt yesterday have to use it as much as possible)

    Well done all, Joyce.. your amazing! xxx

    Nic - Lady Penelope Cars

    I’d get married for a cake like that. That was impressive. I wouldn’t have minded a go on that BEAUTY.
    I think it’s about time that someone set up a magazine devoted entirely to Jackie style photo-stories of wedding shoots like this.
    Then we’d all have loads more shoots to do. That would be awesome…
    Photoshoots are fun. They probably do serve some worthy purpose, but for me it’s just one of the perks of working in wedding world. We sacrifice our Saturdays to give our couples the perfect wedding so it’s only right and proper that we should get to lark about with lots of cake and show off.
    I think the people that beef about it are just miffed because they don’t do enough of them…
    Right, anyone need a sexy wedding car and a kick ass chauffeur bird for their next photo shoot featuring massive cakes? There are several windows in my diary.

    Penny (Tino&Pip Photography)

    Kelly- After the shoot everyone got a ‘slice’ of cake and a couple of the chocolate adornments. The ‘slice’ was bigger than your average entire cake… it lasted forever! We discovered that when it starts to dry out a little, you can pop it in the microwave for a few seconds with a chocolate lily on top and watch the chocolate seep into the sponge and run down the sides- THE BEST WAY TO EAT CAKE EVER! Drooling?!


    Thanks to everyone for this incredible opportunity.
    Thanks Kelly for the mention
    If you need the hats please visit my website i can design them in any colours or styles to suit your needs.

    Kaz Fernando

    Well….this shoot is one of the most original and different shoots I have seen in a very long time, it is insanely gorgeous, Joyce your wonderful ideas and the hours of planning and preparation paid off…you all must be very proud…I wish I had been part of it too…M.A.G.N.I.F.I.C.E.N.T XXXXXXXXX

    fiona kelly photography

    I have been waiting for ages to see these images after hearing all about it from a very excited Joyce. It has been worth the wait, a fab idea really well executed and clearly all the hard work paid off. Huge congrats to Joyce for putting together such a great story of ideas and for the whole team for all the work they have put in. Great shoot x

    Emma A_Future_Wife

    This is great! Styled shoots don’t always float my boat and although this shoot isn’t the style of my wedding it looks amazing!! Well done to all of you!


    Fabulously creative wedding shoot, love the idea behind it and the dark and dramatic photos. Well done Joyce and everyone.

    I love Nic’s comment. Made me laugh out loud.

    Claire xx

    Amy aka Ms Moem

    Gorgeous shoot! Loving the Anti-Bride theme and Georina looks fabulous! The styling is brilliant and excellent story and make-up from Joyce too – just super all round!! xx


    Wow Wow Wow what a fantastic shoot, absolutley love it, my kind of wedding, all dark and gothic, stunning hair and make up, fantastic photos, beautifully written story, what more can I say, its just amazing, well done to you all. More of this please xxxx


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