Macarena and Mario’s Beautiful Bohemian Barcelona Wedding by Say Cute Photography

Happy Wednesday everyone! To brighten up this cold January day I have the most gorgeous wedding for you. It’s the first real wedding of 2017, so I made sure it’s a really good one for you! It’s the beautiful Barcelona Wedding of Macarena and Mario, full of bohemian goodness, a wonderful outdoor ceremony and a laid back reception with loads of hippy vibes and a whole lot of love. It’s the simplicity of this wedding that I love, the rustic touches really pull the whole laid back vibe together making it the perfect way to start the year. Big thanks to Say Cute Photography for these awesome images.

The happiest day of my life. My dream wedding.

1-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 2-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography

Macarena and Mario were married on the 11th October 2016 at El Dalmau, a very beautiful countryside venue in Barcelona. ‘We wanted to be married inside a forest and Dalmau made this dream came true. Our guests were the close family and friends, about 80 people. The wedding took about a year to plan’

3-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 4-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography

How they met
We met on a bus going to party when we were teenagers, we fell in love immediately. We’ve been together for 10 years before we got married.

The Proposal
It was the 11th October. We were dining in our favorite restaurant in Formentera, celebrating our 10 anniversary. Mario was very nervous during all dinner, and at the end he told me: “I can’t find a better present for us than ask you to marry me next year, in our 11 anniversary on 11th October (our lucky number)”.

5-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 6-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 7-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 8-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 9-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 10-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography

How did you allocate your budget?
In total we spent around 23000euros

Where did you splurge and where did you save?
The biggest budget goes to the catering. We saved in floral decoration because I did by myself big part of it.

11-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 12-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 13-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography

How did you choose your Photographer?
The photographer was our first vendor to contract. We love her work and when we first met we had no doubt

The Dress
My dress was Rue de Seine. I wore a crown made by myself.

The Suit
Mario didn’t wear the usual suit, he chose every piece separately, some items from Australia, another from London… Finally he get the perfect look to felt comfortable and natural as he is.

14-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 15-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 16-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 17-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 18-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 19-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 20-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 21-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 22-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 23-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 24-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography

Theme or Colour Scheme
We had no theme, but we really know our own style, and everything was cohesive naturally. Everything had a hippy touch and with the nature and forest with a principal paper.

I did the flower deco by myself. Everything was simple and easygoing. Just some peony, eucalyptus, cream and soft pink roses and no much more.

25-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 26-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 27-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 28-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 29-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 30-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 31-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography

A very simple cocktail, very Spanish, bread with tomato, serrano ham, cured cheese and other kinds of cheese, and a very Mediterranean lunch, a good salad and a very tasty piece of meat.

Wedding Cake
There was no wedding cake. It was a very complete buffet with a lot of different sweet choices, and we decide to serve our guest by ourselves to make it more fun.

For the party we decide to had a super fun live rumba band. We love this kind of music, it’s so joyful and perfect for dancing.

32-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 33-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 34-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 35-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 36-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 37-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 38-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography

We have a designer friends, they did it for us.

Personal Touches
We did a lot of things, flowers, and wood signals… a nice touch was the “confetti” for the end of the ceremony. I made it with the surplus of the flower crowns I worked with these past year, very special for me.

39-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 40-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 41-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 42-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography

Special Moments or Highlights
I cant choose one, it was a very very special day, every second was special.

Advice for other couples
That they trust the whole team that accompanies them. This way it will be easier to spend a day without nerves.

Biggest Surprise
The bride was the quietest of the wedding, that was a big surprise.

43-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 44-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography 45-beautiful-bohemian-barcelona-wedding-by-say-cute-photography


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