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It’s been a long time coming and if you hadn’t noticed already there are a few changes around Boho today! Yes at long last the new blog design and layout is here for all to see!logo rectangleI have wanted to change the deign of the Blog for quite some time now, The old blog design was great at the time it went up (3 years ago) but I have been aware for some time now that times are changing, brides are changing and the blog needed to reflect that in its design. I knew I need to make the design more sleek, more modern and more reflective of who I am and my own personal style.

I actually started work on the new design in January but it took a while to get the ball rolling properly. Then I enlisted the talents of Liam from South Pole Creative and things took the direction I was looking for. He works closely with Abby who was able to give a females touch to the design, then bringing in Mark who was responsible for the build…..and hey presto, and  the new Boho Magic was born!


Things I was looking for in the brief I gave them were:

Luxe / modern / easy to navigate / clean / metallic / rose gold / un-fussy / geometric / boho / chic / white / easy to read / stylish.


How we got to the finished result

geometric big

Fist Liam worked on the Logo, I really wanted to move completly away form the old style blog, and bring in something that was totally me and a new era for Boho. The gemstone was born!

logo developent

From here everything seemed to fall into place. Liam kept the design to a minimum, stripping back all the old fuss and ‘stuff’ on the old site, so I could concentrate on showcasing fabulous wedding photography, amazing supplies and new ideas and inspiration.

As much as the old blog was very much about the Boho DIY bride, I do feel that things have moved on, yes people still want elements of DIY in their weddings but I am also very passionate about showcasing amazing supplies who can add value to your wedding day. Hiring the right people can really make or break your wedding so I feel it is my responsibility to bring those fantastic supplies to you via the blog.

I am also keen to bring you fresh ideas, new styles, fab fashion and lots of modern, boho friendly inspiration. I still love my forest and woodland weddings, the barefoot bride, but I also love industrial and urban weddings, as well as big glam events, after all every girl loves a bit of glitter in their life, don’t they?!

We have kept the design, simple and modern but by adding in the 4 different headers I hope we have also managed to keep some of the boho styling and personality……just a bit more grown up than the old blog.

boho-header-test-feathers boho-header-test-geometrics boho-header-test-succulents



Other aspects I really wanted to concentrate on were:

  • Making the blog easier to navigate round and less clumsy – By adding in a much more user friendly menu I hope the user experience will be much better, quicker to get from one point to another, easier to find stuff and less of a faff to get from one point to another.
  • Better mobile version – The mobile version is much more responsive, it should react better to all screen sizes and look better than it did before. Over 50% of my readers these days read the blog though a mobile devise, so I knew I had to focus on this in the new design.
  • Better for my advertisers – The adverts now show up better on mobile view, they are spread out all though the blog, instead of all at the bottom a before. The adverts also open in a new window making it easier to navigate back to the main blog.

Still to be done

There are still a few aspects to be done to make the site perfect, so keep an eye out over the next couple of days for a few tweaks to the design and the styling. It needed to go live first to see how it would work, but I still have a few little tricks up my sleeve in regards to some fab features

The Directory and Calender are going to be launched on Monday (14th.)  They were such big aspects of the way I wanted the blog to change that I felt they needed their own launch date. The directory is much more user friendly, easier to find specific supplies and has new search function. This is better for the bride and groom looking for a supplier and better for the suppliers advertising in the directory.
The calendar needed complete new styling so this has been done to fall in line with the rest of the Blog.


So there you go. I hope you like the design and the new styling, yes it’s a big change but the heart of Boho is still the same, I still want to represent brides and grooms doing weddings their own way, but with an emphasis on adding style to your big days as well as your personality.



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