365 Happiness Project 2015 – Week 7

Happiness Project

Week 7 – All the wonderful things that have made me happy this week.

  • Getting Dexter to his baby group on time
  • Lots of play and chat
  • A great sing-song and Dexter loving it
  • Lunch with the mums from the baby group
  • Dexter sleeping long enough for me to finish my food
  • An afternoon of party panning
  • Getting organised
  • Dexter eating all of is food for tea and leaning how to hold his water beaker himself
  • Booking our Holiday to Ibiza on the spur of the moment
  • Exited for some summer sun
  • Broadchurch
  • A productive day in the office
  • Finishing work a bit earlier so I can spend some time with Nik before his trip to Brussels
  • Good TV
  • Baby Yoga
  • Dexter loving another great class
  • Chats with the mums
  • An afternoon with another baby group
  • Catching up with Sarah and Freddie
  • Dexter falling asleep in my arms
  • Baby cuddles and lots of smiles
  • A day in the office
  • A £10 M&S vouche out of the blue
  • A fab meeting with Lucy my web designer and some exciting plans for the blog
  • Photos from Dexter’s Nan at his teddy bears picnic
  • An evening to myself as Dexter has a sleep over at his nans
  • getting lots of work done
  • A good nights sleep
  • Getting my nails done
  • A good catch up at the salon
  • Picking up Dexter after a day and night away
  • Lots of cuddles
  • A lazy afternoon
  • A trip to M&S to get our Valentines day meal
  • Play time
  • Lots of laughter
  • An evening catching up on some work
  • Nik back after 3 days away
  • A lovely morning of cuddles with my two boys
  • Valentines cards
  • A busy day in the office
  • An M&S meal for two,
  • A bottle of wine (or two) and a night with my man
  • Sunday morning cuddles with my boys
  • A Lazy morning
  • A walk into the countryside
  • Fresh Air
  • A Pub Lunch
  • A full belly
  • More walking and enjoying a Sunday with just me and my 2 boys
  • Playtime with Dexter and enjoying the rest of our Sunday
  • A sneaky glass of Prosecco
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Big Boho Happiness Love

Kelly xxx



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