365 Happiness Project 2015 – Week 5

Happiness Project

Week 5 – All the wonderful things that have made me happy this week.

  • The start of another great week
  • Getting Dexter to his baby group on time
  • Chats with the mums
  • Happy Dexter as we have a sing song
  • Lunch with the girls
  • A bit of a walk
  • Picking up Dexter’s hand and footprint as a surprise present for Nik
  • An afternoon at home with my baby boy
  • Playtime
  • Food time then sleeps in my arms while I watch Sex and the City
  • A lovely day with Dexter
  • My amazing husband
  • Broadchurch
  • My friend Jon has a new book which has just been published, my copy arrived today, what clever friends I have!
  • A productive day at work
  • How much I love my job
  • A new dish cooked by Nik
  • Not rushing
  • Baby Yoga
  • Chats with the other mums
  • Dexter loving his class
  • Meting up with some other mums for a play date
  • Dexter first time at a soft play area
  • Dexter and all his chums
  • A lovely afternoon
  • Food time and Dexter falling asleep in my arms
  • Making the most of a bad situation after snow calls of my child care
  • A lovely day with Dexter
  • Gorgeous flowers
  • Good news from my friend who is having a baby boy
  • Good news from another friend who is pregnant
  • Dexter at last getting to sleep after a 2 hour bought of coughing
  • Sleep
  • An afternoon’s play date with Sarah and Freddie
  • Trying out a different play centre
  • A good catch up with Sarah
  • Dexter and Freddie having fun
  • An early tea with friends
  • The best burgers ever
  • The best donuts ever
  • A really fab meal
  • An evening with Nik catching up on Cucumber ad Banana
  • Dexter waking up feeling much better after keeping us awake all night
  • relieved that he seems better
  • A productive day in the office
  • An M&S Dinner, Prosecco and a film
  • A chilled Sunday morning
  • Playtime with Dexter
  • A family trip to the swiming baths
  • Dexter in his board shorts and yellow floater
  • Lots of smiles, giggles and splashing
  • An evening of work and catching up
  • Mr Selfridge on TV
  • An early night

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Big Boho Happiness Love

Kelly xxx



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