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Today I am delighted to welcome back Anna from Download and Print to the blog with this rather gorgeous Vintage Iron Wedding Invitation and Pocket. Anna’s tutorials have proven to be incredibly popular on the blog, so today not only ar we giving you this FREE printable but also the chance to win 250 of the Doilies featured, so you can make your own invitations.  All the details of the competition are at the end of the post.


I’ll pass you over to Anna……….

Hi there Boho brides. I’m a little excited about today’s DIY invitation project and I want to dive right in, but feel I should set the scene first and make a couple of announcements. Vintage chic is so on point at the moment, a couple of my vintage designs are big downloads over at Download & Print, and I’ve been wanting to try making a pocket from a doily for ages to go with the vintage style. I envisioned an aged lace look doily housing a gorgeous vintage invitation and stocked up on paper doilies to start experimenting. Well, all my brilliant ideas to stain the doily took too darn long or just looked drab. I sponged on cold tea, I baked the doilies, I tried wet coffee grounds (believe me, there are plenty of coffee grounds around D&P HQ to experiment with!), I tried lemon juice, orange juice and any combination of the above that you can think of. It was all just blah. So the doilies have been sitting in my office for months, doing nothing to inspire me, unless inspiring a little resentment counts.

Until now! I took a can of black spray paint to the doilies and ended up with a vintage wrought iron look. I love it. And it pairs wonderfully with any vintage design. For today’s tutorial I created an invitation and RSVP inspired by the doilies I had on hand for a perfectly coordinated look. As always, the template downloads are free to Boho brides. I used doilies from Papermart, and you can find similar doilies at Party at Lewis and Amazon.


  • To get you started on this project I’m giving you the chance to win 250 doilies! See the bottom of the post for entry details. 

And speaking of prizes, if this vintage design isn’t perfect for your wedding, enter to win a 10-piece custom invitation template suite designed by yours truly. I have a little competition called #PinToPaper running through the end of this month on every bride’s favorite pastime, Pinterest. You simply pin items you LOVE to win invitations you LOVE. I’ll be using the winning pinboard as inspiration when designing the stationery. Get all the juicy details here.

So now, lets dive into the vintage iron invitation and pocket. If you prefer to follow along with a video tutorial you are in luck, as you can view all the steps right here. Or keep reading for the written instructions.

you will need words
  • FREE printable template HERE
  • 10” square paper doilies (see notes above for vendors)
  • 160 mm square envelope for invitation (as seen here)
  • 13 mm square envelope for RSVP (as seen here)


STEP 1) Prepare the Wrought Iron Pocket – First up is to prepare the wrought iron pocket. This requires nothing more than a can of spray paint and your 10” square doilies. I used Krylon paint in flat black but you can use any colour that you like. Spray paint comes in various metallic sheens like copper, gold and silver, which would all look lovely with the vintage themed invitation.  Just make sure the paint can be used on paper.


Set up in a well ventilated area covering anything that you don’t want sprayed black (including pets, Conan the office wiener dog was the victim of my wayward spraying). Spray both sides of each doily using long sweeping motions across the doily. Don’t spray too close, but don’t worry too much about perfection. I experimented a little and decided I liked a light covering with imperfections best. A little white showing through gave a mottled effect, which added to the character of the piece.


It took me about one minute to spray each doily. The paint dries fast and I was able to flip the doily over and spray the reverse immediately. Allow 10 minutes for the paint to completely dry before you handle the doily too much.


STEP 2) Download, Print & Trim – Download the template file and open in MS Word or Mac pages. Each page contains an invitation, RSVP, and the name badge. Add your wedding details and print on A4 paper. I chose the fonts Engravers MT and Old Script which can be downloaded for free at the links provided. Make sure you have these fonts installed on your computer before opening Word. You can use any fonts that you like however.


Trim each piece along the cut lines using a straight edge cutter or scissors.


STEP 3) Assemble – Now for the smoke and mirrors in this amazingly simple yet effective technique. Place a couple of strips of double sided tape on the back of an invitation and adhere it to the center of a doily on the diagonal. The doilies I used had a solid square in the center for me to line up with but if yours don’t just eyeball the placement. Sit an RSVP and RSVP envelope on top.

Vintage-Iron-Wedding-Invitation-Template-Place RSVP

Fold each doily side in, creasing it along the edge of the invitation.


Fold the bottom of the doily up, and finally fold down the top flap to make a square pocket.


STEP 4) Finish with a Belly Band – Cut a length of ribbon long enough to wrap around the invitation pocket and overlap slightly. Use a strip of double sided tape to secure the ribbon overlap together and trim the ribbon tail if need be. Place a piece of double sided tape on the back of the name tag and stick this to the center of the ribbon.


And there you have it, a faux wrought iron vintage invitation that is sure to stand out and be a fun package for your guests to receive in the mail.


How to win the 250 doilies

If you love this invitation and want to try it for your own wedding, I’m giving away 250 of the doilies that I used in this project to get you started on your DIY masterpiece.

  • Simply leave a comment on this post telling me that you want to win! I’ll pick a name at random in two weeks and will be in touch to get your shipping information. Good luck!


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    Carla Meagher

    Hi there, am so glad to have found your video is the exact iinvitations I have been looking for, with our wedding being in 2016 u am going to get started making them straight after Christmas…… Would love to win the dolies!

    Thanks CCarla

    Doris Quiroz

    Hi these invitations are the most beautiful and unique invitations I’ve seen. I want to do these for my wedding in 2016 and would love to win the doilies. Thank you.

    Sinead Moore

    Hi! I am getting married and have been looking at so many diy invitations but nothing stood out until now! Your invitations are beautiful they are unique and exactly what a bride needs invitations that look the part without extra Stress! This invitation is very inspiring and I would LOVE to win the dollies so I can make my own and share your idea with others ☺️
    Thanks Sinead


    Thank you so much! It really made my day when I recieved the email. Cannot wait to receive the doilies so I can start making the invitation! Thank you again I really appreciate it


    Thank you so much! It really made my day when I recieved the email. Cannot wait to receive the doilies so I can start making the invitation! Thank you again I really appreciate it

    Katie Grill

    Thank you for this! I can’t wait to try it out, I think I am going to use a soft pink spray paint…hope it looks as great as the black!


    I love these invitations!!! I want to win! SO much.
    I was searching for doilies and I will make the best out of them! 2015 September wedding will be awesome even before starting. Turkish guests will find these extremely original, I am so sure :)


    Awesome Sauce, These have to be the cutest most affordable classy invitations ever. Got granddaughters wedding in the future here and I love the idea of making them yourself, you are awesome and the tutorials are FIRST CLASS.

    P.S. enter me in your doilies drawing and and a BIG Thank-You for sharing all of your work.


    As everyone I am on a budget but I want to create beautiful, memorable, unique and expensive looking invitations. I know, too much to ask for right! But as soon as I saw these invitations while on my hunt for DIY videos , LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!!!with these invitations…. It would be awesome to receive these doillies!!! My wedding is in January 2016!!!

    Mari Dippenaar

    I LOVE the doiliesssss! My wedding are going to be the 8th of October 2016! I would LOVE to win 250 doilies! I have neverrrr won something in my LIFE! Pleaseeee pleaseeee pik me the South African Afrikaans girl hehe THANX!!

    Tara Livingston

    Hey, I am having a hard time finding envelopes for these invites. The website listed in not in the United States. Can anyone suggest somewhere to purchase the envelopes in the us? Our wedding is in September and I’m running out of time!

    Lacey l.

    Just wondering what size envelope these go in, or if they don’t where to put the postage and what size envelope to include for the rsvps cards. Please let me know!

    Yvonne Bailey

    This is such an awesome idea!! I have already started with the template so thank you so much! I am not sure if you are still drawing names to win the doilies but I would love to enter to win! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    tantri sandi

    Hi I really want to win the doily papers because in my town its really hard to get the doilies, I really want to win it,,,love your project so much


    Love these invitations so much. Unfortunately, in Australia I am struggling to find the 10′ doilies here. I would love to make these for my niece’s wedding in May 2017. Could possibly use the 8′ doilies but my niece really loved the overlap look. Thanks for a brilliant website and gorgeous designs xx


    I want to make these doily envelopes for my invitations myself. It fits my tropical vintage theme perfectly.


    Love these invites and I’m hoping to try and make them for my wedding, I’m just worried in case i buy the wrong spray paint and totally mess them up


    Hi how do I get the doilies to stop smelling like spray paint. I spray painted mines and it’s been over 24hrs and it still smell like paint. I used the krylon brand. What can I do?


    I love this invite and will surely be greatful to get the dollies as i am making the invites for my niece wedding in May. My budget is very low . Thank you kindly for this wonderful idea.

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