365 Happiness Project 2014 – Week 47

Happiness Project

Week 47 – All the wonderful things that have made me happy this week.

  • A Monday in the office and getting lots done
  • Feeling organised
  • A lazy Tuesday morning and beating the Tuesday blues
  • Cuddles with Dexter
  • A tip to the nail salon
  • New sparkly nails and a good catch up with the girls
  • Play time with Dexter
  • Roast Chicken for tea cooked by Nik
  • Wednesday at Chatsworth Christmas market
  • Meeting up with Johanna and Ted
  • Feeling festive
  • Lots of lovely food
  • Buying lots of treats
  • Dexter all cute in his winter coat and hat
  • Getting home safely after a flat tire and lots of mud
  • Getting the pram clean
  • Cuddles with Nik
  • Making plans and getting stuff in the diary
  • Cleaning out the car
  • A productive day in the office
  • Club sandwiches for tea
  • The Fall (best program on TV at the moment)
  • Baby Yoga for Dexter
  • A good catch up with all the mums
  • Meeting up with Sarah and baby Freddie
  • Getting the car sorted clean and new tire
  • Cuddle time with Dexter
  • Friday evening drinks and garlic bead
  • Metting up with Nik’s brother and 2 nieces
  • Fajita Friday
  • An evening on the sofa with Nik
  • Dexter laying in till 8.30
  • Getting lots done in the office
  • An evening of Strictly, X Factor
  • Chinese takeaway and a bottle of wine
  • Gradualy feeling better mid Sunday afternoon from a bout of food poisoning
  • Taking it easy for the rest of the day and evening.
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Big Boho Happiness Love

Kelly xxx



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