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Couple of married up camera geeks on the hunt to find the most fun and loved up couples that are out there in the world, and who are planning their weddings! Couples who want to really enjoy their day, love a bit of creativity and pictures that give them tingles!


When we were planning our wedding, there were two main things that we were sure we needed.

The first was a place that would fit ALL of our mad gang in! And the second was a photographer who was able to fit right in like family, wasn't scared of throwing a few shapes on the dance floor and gave us pictures that made us look cool (for once), and that we could have as our Facebook profile pics FOREVER!

When we first decided to start wedding photography we said that we would go wherever the fun and love is. We always click right away with our couples because they get that we are absolute goofy idiots but we adore what we do.

The amount of people who have told us ‘you guys were made to do this’ just sealed the deal and now we couldn't dream of doing anything else with our lives.

It’s all about the couple, their family and friends, all together in one place, for one day and making the most of that time.

We want to be a part of that, not just in the background like oddballs, lingering around, but gently getting to know everyone throughout the day, so that at the end of the night your friends are trying to ply us with tequila and throwing us in the photo booth!

We shoot weddings all over, so if we sound like your kind of cats, then get yourselves on our website and learn a bit more about us and how we work and hopefully you’ll leave your light on for us (Cringe at the ‘Take Me Out’ reference… Soz!)