Photographes Photos: A Show and Tell with In Love Photography


In Love Photography

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I have a real treat for you in the form of this gorgeous photography Show and Tell. I’d like to introduce you to Wim from ‘In Love Photography‘ a hugely talented wedding photographer with a unique style. Wim is based in Ireland and is all about capturing the emotion of the day, along with all those unplanned special moments. Traveling around the world to capture people’s magical days, Wim is an accomplished photographer with years of experience. I think this work is stunning, I hope you do to.

1 In Love Photography 2 In Love Photography 3 In Love Photography

‘If you’re looking for a wedding photographer with a sense of fun, who can spot beautiful, surreal or heartwarming moments and capture them for eternity – you’re in the right place.
Hi I’m Wim Vanhengel , and I’m based in the beautiful rolling countryside of Co. Kildare in Ireland, which also inspires me on a daily basis.  I’m an accomplished  destination wedding photographer with clients in Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world.

For me, it’s all about happy memories and real emotion – the special moments when you think nobody’s looking. The groom’s cheeky smile, the reassuring wink from the bride’s father, the way the sunlight catches the bride’s face and illuminates her smile on the happiest day of her life. That’s what wedding photography means to me.

I’m not just making a wedding album; I’m telling your unique love story, with the romantic bits, the quirky bits and all the unforgettable moments that you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives together. You’ll hardly notice me there, but I’ll be looking for all those gorgeous backdrops and perfect angles at the same time as keeping a look out for the special one-off natural photos that will make you smile for years to come.

My clients seem to love me – I really enjoy befriending and working with happy couples to preserve the memories of their special day. I’ll take my time getting to know you as a couple, so that when it comes to creating the story of your wedding day, you’re totally relaxed with me, and you’ll really enjoy having me around. We can have fun with silly shots and find ways to capture the essence of your day.

I’m inspired by the elegant photos of the 50s and 60s, and I adore unusual angles and creative photography. If you’re looking for an artistic wedding photographer who will perfectly capture the romance and beauty of your wedding day, feel free to get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!’




Rachel and Andrew’s DIY Wedding with a Beautiful Homemade Wedding Dress. By Paul Joseph Photography

Yesterday I shared with you the fantastic news that Kelly, the other half of Paul Joseph Photography, will be joining me here at Boho HQ as my new assistant blogger, so today I felt it only right that I share with you a wedding that Kelly and her incredibly talented husband shot earlier this year! It’s the lovely Yorkshire wedding of Rachel and Andrew who created a gorgeous full on homemade wedding. Everything was homemade, including the wedding dress, wedding cake, flowers and decoration. With some amazing details this wedding is just brimming with gorgeous touches and is full of happiness and laughter.

‘A homemade wedding day in the stunning Yorkshire Dales with all our friends and family. It was everything we had wished for.’

1a Wedding with a Homemade Wedding Dress. By Paul Joseph Photography 2 Wedding with a Homemade Wedding Dress. By Paul Joseph Photography

Andrew and Rachel were married on the 3rd May 2014 at The Red Lion Hotel, Burnsall. ‘We didn’t look anywhere else! Before we were even engaged we discussed getting married at The Red Lion. We had stayed there a couple of times and loved it. We wanted an informal and relaxed day. It’s in a beautiful spot on the River Wharf and serves gorgeous food and ales! We had 70 guests in the day and an extra 30 in the evening and we were engaged for 15 months before the big day.’

3 Wedding with a Homemade Wedding Dress. By Paul Joseph Photography

4 Wedding with a Homemade Wedding Dress. By Paul Joseph Photography (more…)



Boho is Growing….Meet Kelly the New Assistant Blogger

Today is a happy day at Boho HQ as today I would like to introduce you to my new assistant blogger Kelly, who will be joining me here at Boho a week today! You may already know Kelly as she is the other half of Paul Joseph Photography. Kelly is going to be working on both Boho Weddings and A Boho Life, and I am more than a bit excited!
I have known Kelly for some time now and her enthusiasm is boundless, she is great fun, hard-working and full of fabulous ideas……for that reason she is the perfect person to join me.
Together we have been plotting new features and new ideas for both the blogs and I can’t wait to show you what we have been up to over the next few weeks.

So yes two Kelly’s working together, that isn’t gong to get confusing is it!!

The normal blogging schedule will resume as of Monday, so two posts a day Monday – Friday and one post on a Saturday and Sunday. Over on A Boho Life we will be back to one post every week day and soon to come weekend posts.

I would love it if you would follow Kelly on twitter at @KellyCBoho to keep up to date with all her news as well as everything that is happening across the two blogs.  You can also say hi to Kelly by leaving a comment in the box below. 


Here’s Kelly to tell you all a bit more about herself!………. 

Hi I’m Kelly.  I am going to be the new assistant blogger at Boho HQ.  Kelly’s are taking over the wedding world!

Kelly Clapperton - from Boho Weddings/Life

A little about me:

I live in a small town in West Yorkshire. I live with my best friend/husband Paul, our cheeky little daughter Fearne and our very cute staffy Daisy. (more…)



Andrew and Steve’s Laid Back Fun London Wedding. By Babb Photo

Happy Monday everyone and how are you all today? Are you ready for the week ahead or are you wishing it was still the weekend? To ease you into this Monday a little easier I have this fun London gay wedding for you, which comes courtesy of Babb Photo. Andrew and Steve were waiting for the laws to change before they got married so they could have a wedding not a civil partnership and with it came a fun-filled day in the Prince Albert Pub in Camden. With a loose travel theme the couple put together a lot of the decorations themselves, including arranging all the flowers.

‘A relaxed and laid back fun London wedding. We did it our way.’

1a Gay London Wedding By Babb Photos 2 Gay London Wedding By Babb Photos

Andrew and Steve were married on the 27th May at Islington Town Hall and our reception was held at The Prince Albert pub in Camden. ‘Islington Town Hall had a beautiful council chamber which was something a little bit more “wow” than other registry offices – it could also accommodate the number of guest we had. For the ceremony/wedding breakfast we had 50 guests and a further 40 came to the evening reception. We did no planning until we set the date and then had 7 months until that date! It was all done quite quickly though and most of it done within the first 4 months. ’

3 Gay London Wedding By Babb Photos

4 Gay London Wedding By Babb Photos (more…)



Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 22nd September

Boho's Best Bits

Happy Sunday everyone and how are you all today? I hope you are enjoying your weekend! It’s been a quiet week for me if I’m honest, mostly a combination of looking after Dexter and trying to fit some work in! It’s a hard job being a mum and running a business, as those of you working mums out there will appreciate. It seems that every minute these days is precious and the days are just jam-packed with things to do! This weekend I am manly working, it was Nik and Dexter’s day of fun yesterday so I had the house to my self to get on with some blog work and today Nik is helping his sister move house while I have a fun day with Dexter! Only one week now before my new assistant starts and I will be revealing all on the blog tomorrow. We have been cooking up some new ideas for both Boho Weddings and A Boho Life, so keep an eye out for a few changes in the next few weeks as we bring in some new features, and bring back some old ones……….busy times ahead!

Now though its time to relax and enjoy the collection of wedding pretty I have put together for you, my weekly trip around the wedding internet in my Best Bits.


Best Wedding

I jst love a woodland wedding so when I spotted this beauty on Rock n Roll Bride this week, I just new it had to be my wedidng of the week! Throw in some beautiful details, lots of lovely yellew and a gorgeous couple and you have a perfect wedding. Photo by Shutter Go.. Click Photography

Woodland Wedding Weekend in Yorkshire – From Rock n Roll Bride

boho's best bits - best wedidng


Best DIY

DIY XO Weddig Cupckaes – From Bride Vs Groom

DIY Chic Painted Fall Pumpkins  From Bubby and Bean

DIY Fall Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece – From Green Wedding Shoes

DIY Bridal Makeup – From Style me Pretty

DIY Crepe Paper Flower Mirror – From Bespoke Bride


Best Photography

Cheerful Chilli Barn Wedding – From Toast of Leeds

Rialto Beach Wedding – From A Fist Full of Bolts

Jeff and Richelle – From Jeff Newsom 

A Lovely Yorkshire Wedding – From Paul Joseph Photography

Alsion and David – From Matt Parry

London Elopment – From Babb Photos 

Fleur and Nick – From Marianne Taylor

Kate and Matt – From Mark Tattersall

Baltimore Wedding – From Nicola Thompson Photography

Stone Harber NJ Wedding – From Tyler Branch Photography

Ingrid and Mike New York – From Samm Blake




Diary of a Boho Bride – Kirsten and Chris. Entry 4 – ‘Festival wedding’

diary of a boho bride

Today we are back with Kirsten and Chris in this weeks Diary of a Boho Bride. This time Kirsten is taking a well-earned break from the wedding planing and handing it over to Chris. I have to say when I first read his report I had a little ‘Oh Bless’ moment! Chris talkes about taking on more responsibility for the wedding planning as he has a lightbulb moment of how much the day means to his future wife. It is so lovely to see this and shows what a fantastic team Kirsten and Chris make and what  real partnership they have together. So today Chris talks about their plans for a festival wedding, their trip to Bestival and the inspiration they drew from it!

Chris Burns & Kirsten McMillan

I’ll pass you over to Chris…….

Hi, I’m Chris. I’m the guy in this wedding duo. Being the guy, I’ve tried to do as little as possible toward the organising of the wedding. We assume it’s all over at the choosing of the ring and the proposal. It’s fine – just give the bride what she wants and worry about the money. She’ll be very organised and I don’t really like doing things. It’ll be fine, right? Wrong! Weddings are a massive logistical planning nightmare and Kirsten can’t do it alone. I’m having to drag myself out of my couch den, forget my divine worship of the TV and get down to some wedding work. Focus boy, there’s a lot to do.

First job is to try to stop worrying about money. It’s going to cost a lot and that’s it. For a while, whenever I saw a potential guest, I imagined them with a floating giant £100 sign over their head. Budgets are essential and of course money is the only really limiting factor about the day, but if you worry about it all the time: nothing gets done. AND so to business.

Kirsten has been dreaming (and talking at length) about a festival style wedding since we got engaged. She has conjured up a picture of avenues of flagpoles adorned with flowing streamers and silk flags of every colour and shape. She’s spoken about booking bad-man DJs, electric wedding bands, big bands, ceilidh bands and hipster hip-hop acoustic guitar duos. She’s shown me website after hundredth website of feasts from every corner of the globe that would make the ‘Man v. Food’ production team feel inadequate. Okay, back to panicking about cash!

More inspiration was required to get these ideas flowing toward a concrete plan. Off we went to Bestival, mainly for four days of drinking, seeing awesome bands and dancing like fools –  but we also hoped to find a little of that lost inspiration.

bestival (more…)