Beth & Tom’s Rockabilly Barn Wedding. By Tino & Pip

I’m a little bit envious of the guests that were lucky enough to attend today’s wedding! I ADORE (yes I shouted!) everything about Beth and Tom’s special day, from the tattoo inspired artwork to the contrast of the turquoise and orange colour scheme. And it just gets better with polka dots, stags and skulls thrown in for good measure! Tino & Pip are incredible photographers and have truly captured the Rockabilly vibe in this ultra cool and totally unique wedding.

‘An amazing, relaxed day full of love and joy and happiness’

1 Beth & Tom's Rockabilly Barn Wedding. By Tino & Pip 2 Beth & Tom's Rockabilly Barn Wedding. By Tino & Pip

Beth and Tom were married on the 10th May 2014 at Milling Barn, Bluntswood Hall in Hertfordshire. “There were so many reasons why we chose Bluntswood Hall – we both loved the barn from the moment we walked into it, it was ideally located mid-way between both families and there was the possibility of having our ceremony in the woodland. Although we didn’t end up having our outdoor wedding (thanks to the rainy UK!), we were so pleased that we chose Bluntswood Hall – the Dairy Barn turned out to be perfect for our ceremony and we were really well looked after by Donna and her team throughout the whole planning process and the day itself. We were engaged for 17 months but ended up doing most of the planning in the 4 months leading up to the wedding – I think the realisation that our wedding was ‘this’ year rather than next finally got us moving!”

3 Beth & Tom's Rockabilly Barn Wedding. By Tino & Pip

4 Beth & Tom's Rockabilly Barn Wedding. By Tino & Pip (more…)



Jenna & Ollie’s Relaxed, Vintage Wedding. By Emma Boileau

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I spent mine with very dear friends celebrating birthdays and the start to the summer holidays. If you are almost upon your summer break or honeymoon, this hot and humid weather must be really getting you in the mood. Unless of course you are going somewhere cold! Today’s wedding is just a joy! Elegant and simple with just a twist of vintage thrown in. Jenna and Ollie brought together family, traditions (including a serenade from the groom to the bride the night before their wedding) and subtle colours of blush (in Jenna’s dress), dark navy and pinks, all perfectly captured by Emma Boileau.

‘Our wedding day was the most amazing day ever! We were surrounded by people we love and cherish and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.’

1 Jenna & Ollie's Relaxed, Vintage Wedding. By Emma Boileau 50 Jenna & Ollie's Relaxed, Vintage Wedding. By Emma Boileau

Jenna and Ollie were married on 29th May at Combermere Abbey in Shropshire. “Combermere Abbey was the first place we looked at when we started our search and we just fell in love. It’s a beautiful venue and was everything we were looking for. It had cottages on site so our family and friends could stay over the night before and the night of the wedding.”

42 Jenna & Ollie's Relaxed, Vintage Wedding. By Emma Boileau

4 Jenna & Ollie's Relaxed, Vintage Wedding. By Emma Boileau (more…)



Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 21st July


Boho's Best Bits

Good Morning! I hope that you are having a lovely weekend. Today I’m spending the last few hours of the weekend spent with a dear friend of mine. Someone whom I’ve known for many years now, someone who I can be completely and wholly myself with, someone who accepts me including all my flaws. And whilst I also have that in my husband, there’s something to be said about ‘those’ friends. You know the ones I mean. The ones you can share anything with, the ones you stay up all night to learn the words to the Dolly Parton album with, the ones you go to nightclubs with and pretend to be talent scouts…those ones! If you’re in the throes of planning your wedding, ‘that’ friend might very well be your maid of honour or your best man. So today, while you are reading through this week’s Boho’s Best Bits, remember ‘that’ friend. Even better still, ring them. Right now. Tell them you love them. Boho will still be here when you get back. Happy Sunday!


Best Wedding

What more could you wish for in a wedding? A disco cage come photo booth, more light up initials than you can shake a stick at, vintage lampshades made into chandeliers and the most laidback couple in a field of poppy heads. This is truly beautiful found via Rock my Wedding.

Disco Cages And Peach Flavoured Delights In Wiltshire. Image by Ed Peers


Best DIY

DIY Margarita body scrub. By Bespoke Bride

DIY fishbowl flower centerpiece. By DIY Weddings Magazine

12 DIY beach wedding ideas. By Mollie Makes

DIY flower hair slide tutorial. By Bridal Musings

DIY neon ombre spray painted bottles. By Bespoke Bride

DIY personalised adventure photo map. By DIY Weddings Magazine


Best Photography

Brighton wedding at Duke of York’s and Fabrica. By Devlin Photos

Mapperton Gardens midsummer wedding. By Helen Lisk

A very awesome wedding at Cruck Barn. By Paul Joseph

Whirlow farm wedding. By S6 Photography

Mike and Pinky…Part 2. By Matt Parry

Scrummy Scottish wedding. By Emma Case




Diary of a Boho Bride – Louise & Chris, Final Entry: Trials and Tribulations


diary of a boho bride

Happy Friday folks! Today we are back for one final time with Boho Bride Louise before she ties the knot with Chris.  Last time she spoke about DIY, flowers and pre-wedding nerves. Today we join her as she ties up loose ends, attends her make-up trial and share the couples’ anxiety over the pre-wedding photo shoot. We’ll be sorry to see you go Louise but wish you so, so much luck and send you on your wedded way with loads of Boho love.

Louise and Chris main photo

Over to Louise for the final time…

So, it’s my last blog post and we’re getting married in two weeks! The past year and a bit has gone by so quickly and I cannot believe that we’re here already!

Over the last few weeks, it seems to have been all go in our house – hen do, stag do, pre-wedding photos, final meetings with caterers and hair and make-up trials.

In my last post, I was just about to head off on my hen-do – and what a hen-do it was; never I have I felt more loved! There was no enforced dressing-up, no precarious activities and was just what I wanted. My friends had rented a massive house back in Liverpool, we played games, made our own pizzas and yes, some prosecco may have been involved. They’d bought me presents and I had to guess who’d bought me which gift, put a brilliant book together with all different questions not only about me but also about me and Chris – it was filled with photos from days gone by and yes, it may have driven me to tears – but happy ones! Chris also managed to get involved by answering some Mr & Mrs questions; I must admit I didn’t quite get them all right but I blame the fact that I wasn’t given the luxury of multiple choice – you wouldn’t get that with Philip Schofield! We went out on the Saturday night, cocktails were involved and my family made an appearance, which was great and I’m so glad that everyone I wanted was able to get involved in the hen-do in some way! I had a great time and it gave me some great memories that I won’t forget for a long time!





Catherine & Chris’ Travel Inspired Cotswold Wedding. By Natasha Cadman

The Cotswolds is such a beautiful place and where better to end the week than Moreton-in-Marsh for the wedding of Catherine and Chris. With photography by Natasha Cadman, who truly captures the beautiful scenery and obvious joy of the happy couple, Catherine and Chris’ wedding is full to the brim with decoration and personal touches inspired by their travels around the world. My personal favourite is the cake in the shape of a vintage suitcase! If you’re thinking of a geographical theme for your wedding day, then read right the way to the end of this post for lots and lots of great ideas.

‘A beautiful spring wedding in a stunning Cotswold setting where best friends tied the knot surrounded by happy friends and family.’

1 Catherine & Chris' Travel Inspired Cotswold Wedding. By Natasha Cadman 2 Catherine & Chris' Travel Inspired Cotswold Wedding. By Natasha Cadman

Catherine and Chris were married on 12th April at the Manor House Hotel in Moreton-in-Marsh, Cotswolds. “We live in Reading, Catherine comes from Norfolk and Chris from Northern Ireland and we have friends all over the place. So we decided to get married close to the most important guests: Catherine’s fabulous grandparents. We had 80 guests in the day time and a further 20 in the evening. We got engaged in September 2012 and booked the venue in December that year giving us around a year and a half to plan.”

3 Catherine & Chris' Travel Inspired Cotswold Wedding. By Natasha Cadman

47 Catherine & Chris' Travel Inspired Cotswold Wedding. By Natasha Cadman (more…)



Jade & Peter-Neil’s Multicultural Floating Wedding. By 1Chapter Photography

With the truly multicultural mix of family and friends that celebrated with our real wedding bride and groom today, together with the travel theme and the floating reception, this is the real meaning of the phrase, the world and his wife coming to your wedding. What I love about today’s post, sent to us by 1Chapter Photography, is that it’s the perfect mix of closeness and intimacy and big full-on fun. Jade and Peter-Neil’s actual wedding was a very small affair with just two guests, followed by a gathering of nearest and dearest in a rather unconventional but delightful floating wedding reception.

‘A very intimate affair attended by our closest and dearest, it was so unpretentious, rather unconventional and real that after the jittery first hour, Peter-Neil and I were just enjoying ourselves in what was like a somewhat hippie celebration.’

1 Jade & Peter-Neil's Multicultural Floating Wedding. 2 Jade & Peter-Neil's Multicultural Floating Wedding.

Jade and Peter-Neil were married on the 8th January at Camden Town hall, with their reception on 1st March on The Prince Regent Floating Boater followed by Wedding Breakfast at The Summerhouse in Little Venice, London. “Our ceremony was a very small affair with only our two witnesses as guests. So for the reception, having guests travel from Malaysia, Singapore, China, South Africa, The US, Portugal and France we wanted to make the event more of an experience. We had a few ideas but in the end we decided on a 2 hour canal cruise along Regents Canal would be an unusual “getting to know London” experience for many of our guests followed by lunch at The Summerhouse by the canal.”

3 Jade & Peter-Neil's Multicultural Floating Wedding.

4 Jade & Peter-Neil's Multicultural Floating Wedding. (more…)