Chris and Rachel’s Fabulous Fun Wedding, all Planned in 10 Weeks. By Sophie Evans

Today’s wedding is proof that you don’t need loads of time and a whole stack of cash to create a wedding that is fun and personal to you. Rachel and Chris decided that they wanted to have a fabulous wedding but without it breaking the bank. On top of that they decided to plan it all in 10 weeks! eek!! Well they pulled it off and the result is a fab, fun, laid back pub wedding where the couple did everything themselves and cut out loads of the fuss that can sometimes just make weddings over complicated! I love this wedding, it’s refreshing to see such a laid back day, Rachel and Chris have done a great job in pulling the day together in such a short space of time. Big thanks to Sophie Evans for the photos.

‘A fabulous, fun day for all our friends and family to enjoy. An unusual tailor-made wedding that suited our personalities and relationship perfectly’

1a Fun Wedding planned in 10 Weeks By Sophie Evans 2 Fun Wedding planned in 10 Weeks By Sophie Evans

Rachel and Chris were married on 13th  July 2014 at The Church Inn, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. ‘We wanted a venue that was relaxed for both us and our guests and somewhere good for a party with great food. And we only decided to get married 3 months before so we didn’t exactly have a large/any budget!. We had 120 guests and it took roughly 10 weeks to plan.’

3 Fun Wedding planned in 10 Weeks By Sophie Evans

4 Fun Wedding planned in 10 Weeks By Sophie Evans (more…)



Advice From the Married Side – Real Brides Advice From Their Wedding Day

advice from the married side

It’s been a while (a few months actually!) but this afternoon I am pleased to welcome back one of my favourite features ‘Advice from the Married Side’. I have so many amazing real weddings on the blog and for each one I feature I ask the couple a number of questions, one of these questions being advice for other couples. Sometimes the answers get lost amongst the pretty pictures, so each month I bring you a selection of these brides (and grooms) words of wisdom! I hope there will be something amongst these experiences that help you while planning your own wedding……….Happy Planning!


Photo By Fotografmatlida


  • Make sure you have a clear idea of the timings. Dave and I got married at 12pm and I wouldn’t change it. It felt we had more time to spend with our family and friends
  • Make sure you plan who is going to help you and when this so that you don’t end up carrying your own wedding presents home in a bucket or having to ring around to make sure your venue is emptied on time on the morning after
  • People shouldn’t be put off doing a registry office wedding and then doing a ceremony outdoor later, make a weekend out of it – we had an amazing time.
  • Enjoy every minute of the build up , the day is so short.
  • Plan it as you and your partner want it, not to suit any one else’s ideas. It’s your day so let the day reflect your personality.
  • Enjoy the whole process! Being engaged should be a very special time.
  • Enjoy yourselves, it’s too easy to get bogged down in details.
  • Don’t overdo the planning as nothing is worth that sort of stress. Just plan your day for how you want it
  • Enjoy the planning phases and use it as an opportunity to express yourselves and learn about each other. Even though we had been together for 4-5 years (living together for 3-4) when we were organising the wedding we learnt so much about each other’s tastes and expectations.

Photo by Photography 34

On The Day 

  • Stay calm and enjoy every moment because it goes so fast!
  • It goes so quickly. Everyone says that but it really does. Take a step back and take it all in!
  • Things will go wrong or not exactly to plan – a few things with us did but we realised it didn’t matter, we were married and happy and no-one else noticed so it didn’t matter!
  • Delegate, remember your only job is to look great and have fun. Make sure someone else is clock watching!
  • The day goes so quickly so you just need to embrace everything that happens and really stop to look at each other and say I love you
  • Take a few moments here & there to just stop & take everything in & smile.
  • Make sure you both see each other & make time to see each other as it can get very hectic
  • Take some time away during your day, we were given this advice from another couple and we are so pleased we took it! Thankfully we were whisked to take some shots away from the venue, this time was really special to us giving us the chance just to relax and enjoy the moment.
  • Also take it all in, everyone will tell you the day goes by in a whirlwind and it truly does. Enjoy every minute and appreciate that some things just won’t be exactly the way you want but other things will be beyond your expectations. Just enjoy every minute!




Emma and Glenn’s DIY Tipi Wedding. By Eliza Boo

I do love a Tip wedding! They offer so much freedom for any couple, a true blank canvas to do what you like with and really put your own stamp on you day! Todays couple Glenn and Emma did just that and chose a Tipi wedding so they could add their own personality to their day. They chose vintage inspiration and added in touches of pastel and a whole lot of DIY details to make the day their own. Big thanks to Eliza Boo for the images.

‘An unforgettable, truly magical day that was everything and more we could ever of hoped it to be. Those words only scratch the surface!’

1a DIY Tipi Wedding. By  Eliza Boo 2 DIY Tipi Wedding. By  Eliza Boo

Emma and Glenn were married on the 8th August 2014 at St Marys Church, Cambridgeshire. Tipi Tent , Cambridgeshire. We fell in love with the tipis by simply browsing through google images for alternative wedding venues.  There were 140 guests in total and it took 10 months to plan.

3 DIY Tipi Wedding. By  Eliza Boo

4 DIY Tipi Wedding. By  Eliza Boo (more…)



‘Dune Gypsies Wedding Inspiration’ By Love and Stuff Photography

I seem to be featuring more styled shoots on the blog recently.  I’ve not always been a massive fan of them but every now and again a real beauty drops into my in box and I just know I have to share it with you! This afternoon I have a real treat in he form of this Dune Gypsies shoot, courtesy of Susan from Love and Stuff Photography. The shoot comes all the way from Sydney Australia and takes place in the Wanda Sand Dunes in Cronulla Sydney in the middle of June this year. There is a real relaxed Boho feel to the whole shoot and I just love it, I hope you do to!

‘A free-spirited couple roam the dunes in search of a sacred place to pledge their love.  Part Moorish part Southwest they find a relaxed desert setting where they can adorn their table with succulent fruits, flowers and luxe details. With a palette of white, neutrals, metallicS and pops of bright colour, this shoot juxtaposes opulent details with a relaxed boho vibe.  The most perfect day for the most non-traditional couple.’

www.loveandstuffphotography.com www.loveandstuffphotography.com www.loveandstuffphotography.com

I’ll pass you over to Susan to tell you more about the shoot…….

‘I’d been wanting to collaborate with Niki for a while and we decided on Wanda Sand Dunes for the shoot.  The rest was working to find vendors that we loved and we were lucky to engage some talented artists. The inspiration was free spirited, adventure and loads of love. We wanted to evoke our inner gypsy.
We were so lucky leading up to the shoot, the weather and timing was on our side.  We wanted to show a really isolated sacred scene for our couple and we achieved that even with all the spectators and runners near by.
We have a few more shoots in the pipeline, thinking of shooting in more national parks and using beautiful botanicals in a woodland theme. (more…)



Katie and Martyn’s ‘Boho Meets Surf’ Turquoise and Pink Wedding. By Libra Photographic

On this cold, wet and windy Tuesday I have this warm, bright summer wedding to cheer you up, courtesy of Libra Photographic. Katie and Martyn decided on a ‘Boho Meets Surf’ themed wedding, to draw on both of their personalities. This was mixed in with a Turquoise and Pink colour themed which gave it a bright, modern twist. I just love this colour scheme, as well as all the amazing details in this wedding. Katie really went to town with all the different handmade details, from stationery, to favours, sweetie tables to the surf board guest book, no details was left out! Couple that with Katie and Martyn’s, wonderful outfits, relaxed manner and stunning looks and you have a totally wonderful wedding. Happy birthday to Nathan from Libra Photographic, whose birthday it is today!

The quickest most memorable day of our lives. Smiles, fun and laughter all round

1a Turquoise and Pink Wedding By Libra Photographic 2 Turquoise and Pink Wedding By Libra Photographic

Katie and Martyn were married on 14th June 2014 at The Guildhall Poole and Lake Yard Marina Poole. We are both from Poole and we both love the sea and boats. It was our special place where we met and made a life together. We had 70 guests to the Guildhall and 50 in the evening it took 4 1/2 months to plan.

3 Turquoise and Pink Wedding By Libra Photographic

4 Turquoise and Pink Wedding By Libra Photographic (more…)



DIY Tutorial: FREE Printable Doodle Wedding Invitation Set

DIY Header

Today I am delighted to welcome back one of the most popular features on the Blog, the DIY Tutorials. The Tutorials took a bit of a break when I was away on maternity but today they are back in full force and I have some lovely projects to share with you over the next few weeks.
Today I am pleased to welcome back DIY regular Download and Print with this super cute ‘Doodle Wedding Invitation Set’. Download  and print have proved to be one of the most clicked through sites on the Blog, with hundreds of you downloading their amazing free printables each week. This gorgeous project is no exception and I just know you are going to love it!

download and print I’ll pass you over to Anna……….

Hello lovely Boho brides, Anna Skye here from Download & Print. I hope you have all had a fab summer. I have been lucky enough to see some amazing places this summer, as well as prepare for a cross-county move (which happens this weekend… yikes!), and in between I’ve been finding inspiration in all sorts of places for gorgeous wedding stationery. A big congratulations to Kelly for her own amazing summer.

I dubbed this summer the summer of fun, so I’m re-launching our monthly DIY invitation series with a fun doodle design that I call Doodle Love. The three piece set includes the invitation, RSVP, and a belly band. The templates print in black and white which make reproductions super cheap. Print on white or cream card for a classic look, or get a little crazy and print on any colour or patterned paper that takes your fancy. As always, the templates are free and can be downloaded here.

you will need

free-diy-doodle-wedding-invitation-supplies (more…)