365 Happiness Project 2014 – Week 35


Happiness Project


Week 35 – All the wonderful things that have made me happy this week.

  • Bank Holiday!
  • A lazy brunch of smoked salmon and poached eggs
  • Off to the shops to buy my new lap top
  • Getting some photo editing done
  • Got to Dance
  • Cuddles with Dexter
  • Dee looking more herself!
  • Visiting my friends Sarah and Sam and their little baby boy and taking some family photos of them all
  • A trip out into the countryside for some lunch
  • A walk round Cannon Hall in the sunshine
  • Lots of smiles from Dexter
  • A day out at the Sheffield sea-side with Linda and Scarlet
  • Scarlet having a right good time in the sand and the water
  • A lazy lunch
  • A good catch up
  • Dexter being a very good baby
  • A spot of shopping for Dexter, new toys, new clothes and a Halloween outfit!
  • Dee acting like more of her normal self
  • Got to Dance
  • The Computer set up coming along and getting closer to being finished
  • My amazing husband Nik for being so patient
  • A canvas of Dexter arriving
  • A lovely day with just me and my boy
  • Dexter giggling for the first time
  • Bath time and lots of splashes from Dexter
  • Getting my boy weighed a whopping 12lbs and 9oz now!
  • Lots of smiles from Dexter
  • Play time
  • Cuddles with Dee
  • Friday night Drinks with Nik
  • A lovely tea cooked by Nik
  • The Got to dance final (although a very disappointing result)
  • Chocolates
  • Dee sitting with Dexter and finally getting used to him
  • Saturday night in with a M&S seafood platter, a bottle of fizz and a tasty dessert
  • Sunday breakfast
  • Getting the house clean finally
  • On line shopping
  • A walk in the countryside in the sunshine
  • Sunday lunch out
  • Finally finishing off getting my new computer set up
  • Big Thanks to my Nik for being so patient
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Big Boho Happiness Love

Kelly xx



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