Renee and Ian’s Halloween Themed Wedding After a Near Death Experience. By Evangeline Lane Photography

I have something completely different for you today! in the form of this totally AWESOME Halloween themed wedding! If you like Halloween then you are going to LOVE this, as the whole day has a Halloween themed due to the couples love of this particular holiday! The amazing couple are Renee and Ian who were married on 29th October at Catalyst in Chicago, Illinois. After Ian was in a horrendous accident a few years prior to the wedding, he lost his memory and they had to completely re build their relationship. A massive testament to true love conquering all!

Halloween Themed Wedding Halloween Themed Wedding

The wedding itself is as untraditional as they come, with all the guests dressing up in fancy dress, and the bride and groom rocking THE most amazing outfits! Yes this is a totally different style of wedding to the ones I normally feature, however Renee and Ian’s story is a wonderful example that when love is strong it can battle though anything and overcome even the most impossible of situations.
Thank you to Evangeline Lane from  Boston, Massachusetts for the amazing photos.

Halloween Themed Wedding

Halloween Themed Wedding

Their background
‘Ian and I met about 7 years ago. We quickly became inseparable and moved in together after about 6 months. One blissful year later, Ian had a terrible accident at work. He was electrocuted and was technically dead for almost 7 minutes. He was in an induced coma for 3 days. When he awoke, he had lost about 7 years of memory, back to a time when I didn’t exist in his life. After a month or so, he tried to move back in with me. He remembered me, but not his feelings, so we split up. It was a very difficult time. I was quick to react to any sign that he remembered and wanted to try again, but the memories were elusive and Ian was just trying to figure out who he was again. We hurt one another immeasurably during that time, but each of us held on knowing deep down that this was right. It took about a year and a half before we were really back on any sort of path together. In the end, it led here and we are stronger for it.’

The wedding
‘We love Halloween and costumes!! It’s truly the only time of year that we have any pictures together. We plan all year for it! We’re not really big on the institution of marriage. We partly decided to “make it official” (though our love and commitment was official enough for us) because Ian’s dad was diagnosed with cancer, and the outlook was grim.
Our choice of theme started a bit of an uproar in our families. We were made fun of, called sacrilegious, and many of our family from WI didn’t show up (some for financial reasons, but I assume many of our very catholic family members just didn’t approve). We were asked to have a separate “family wedding” in WI, but refused. Our wedding was going to be a celebration of our love, our way and a way for us to show our families that we are proud of who we are. We didn’t WANT to dis-include or hurt them, but we didn’t want to compromise ourselves on our day! In the end, the family that did show up really seemed to enjoy themselves.’

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