Bridal Style: Finding The Right Make Up Artist And That All Important Make Up Trial


Finding The Right Make Up Artist


Hiring a professional makeup artist is something I strongly recommend for your wedding day. It’s a long day and your face needs to look fresh and perfect from morning till night. You don’t want your foundation sliding down your face by the time you get to the wedding breakfast!  Plus if your make up has been done professional you will look so much better in your wedding photos. Cameras will pick up any sort of makeup disaster, badly applied foundation, miss applied lipstick! With a good make up artist with you the morning of the wedding you won’t need to worry.

So today I have enlisted leading make up artist Jenn Edwards and her new recruit Linzi to tell us a bit more about what you need to look for when choosing your make up artist and a few tips for the make up trial!

Finding the right make up artist


I’ll pass the Blog over to Jenn and Linzi……….

When you’re looking back through your wedding album and reliving the memories years after your big day, there’s one thing above all that will shine through… how beautiful you looked!
After all of the planning and efforts you made for the most special day of your life, looking your very best often feels impossible. This is why it is so important that you find your perfect Make Up Artist. Brandishing their brushes and armed with their creative flare, they will take away your stresses and give you the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Finding the right make up artist

And this is how you find them….

Read up!

You’ll need to do your research. You may already have an idea of a stylist you’d like to use, perhaps a recommendation or somebody you’ve heard of. A recommendation is the best kind of information to have when it comes to selecting your artist. It gives you a real account of somebody else’s experience and the more you can read, the better. Many professional Make Up Artists have websites that will give you an idea of their work through portfolios and testimonials. Use this to see the styles that the artist can create, the range of their ability and their level of professionalism.

Top-Tip. Look for good quality photos. Nothing says ‘professionalism’ louder than a make up artist’s ability to create a style that looks flawless even under the scrutiny of the most powerful lens.


Always enquire before you begin to get your hopes up, especially if your big day falls in the busy wedding season. The first thing you need to establish is whether they are available on your wedding day and remember, there’s no need to limit the amount of enquiries you make. Based on the information you found in your research, you may like the sound of more than one MUA, so crossing off the ones that aren’t available is an easy way to narrow down your list. Whilst making these enquiries, you will also get a much better idea about their levels of communication and customer service. They should always be helpful and definitely enthusiastic!


Their Kit.

A professional artist will use professional products. Some will give this information on their website but if not, then ask. Some products speak for themselves such as Bobbi Brown and MAC but if you aren’t familiar with the products the artist uses, then simply ask them why they use those particular products. If they really are experienced, this question will not be a problem for them and they will be more than happy to talk to you about the products they use.

Finding the right make up artist Finding the right make up artist


So you found someone that’s available, easy to communicate with, enthusiastic and armed with a magical palette! It’s now time to start working together to achieve your perfect look.


The Trial.

Choosing a date well ahead of your wedding day will mean one less thing to think about as your day draws nearer as your trial should leave you feeling confident and relaxed about how you will look in front of all of your guests when the time comes. Having an idea of the sort of style you’d like is always an advantage. It is useful to take with you a few pictures of styles you like to give your artist an idea of the look you’re hoping to achieve. A fun and creative way to do this is to make a collage of images from your hair and make up ideas, to the colour scheme and theme of your wedding. This will help your artist subtly coordinate your look with the rest of your day. It will also help you to get to know one another, which will become very important in the crucial few hours leading up to your big moment.

Top Trial Tips:

  • If you are not happy with the first attempt, you must speak up. It is normal practice to make adjustments in order to achieve the look required and an experienced artist will not be offended but will appreciate your input- the hardest part of their job is to find your limits and what makes you feel comfortable.
  • If there is still daylight available, take a mirror outside and ensure you like how you look in natural daylight.
  • Try to wear similar colour clothing to your wedding dress. Wearing strong colours can reflect on the face and slightly alter the way your make up appears.  On your wedding day, remember to wear a top that can easily be removed without damaging hair or make up.
  • Ensure hair and skin is cleansed and free from products. A good facial scrub or exfoliator the night before will remove dead skin cells and leave you with refreshed, soft skin.  A final rinse in cool water will help to add shine to hair.
Finding the right make up artist Finding the right make up artist Finding the right make up artist


Thanks so much ladies, that is all great advice, I hope you all found that useful  And hat about those before and after photos, goes to show how important a good make up artist and a good photographer are!


For more information on Jenn’s makeup and hair services go to:

[email protected]

UK based Bobbi Brown Pro Artist & bridal hair stylist and Newly qualified bridal hairstylist Linzi Young have teamed up to help meet the growing demand of Jenn’s every growing makeup and hair business.



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    Candace Nicolle

    Hi boho, Great post!

    I am a make-up artist myself and I know just how important products are for your big day! Not only do quality products give a better more flawless result but a make-up artist needs to understand what not to and what to use when dealing with flash photography as high SPF products will give flash back and leave you looking washed out. So bare that in mind when asking questions as well ladies! And I totally agree a make-up needs to connect with his/her client, it’s a very intimate and personal thing and you need to feel 100% comfortable with who ever does your hair or make-up so definitely always have a trial girls it’s not only to get the look you want but to make sure you gel :)

    All the best!
    Candace x

    Wayden King

    Currently the brands we are using are; Curtis Collection, Davines & Unite which are all highly regarded within the hair and beauty industry. It isn’t rude to ask what products your artists use as it is important that if the price is premium the products should be too.

    Sophie Acors

    i read your blog carefully and its really helpful for those who wants to get a great makeup artist in wedding. The tips you have given here for the points to be taken care while choosing makeup artist is really commendable.


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