365 Happiness Project: Day 14

  • Today has been a full on working day but always happy to stop my work for 15 minutes to chat to my lovely sassy from Assassynation. Sassy offered me some wise words of advice.


  • Today I learnt to say no. It’s not something I like to say in the world of business. I have been asked to get involved in some awesome projects already this year but realising what your limitations are and knowing when to say no has made me happy and de stressed by ever throbbing stressed out brain!


  • Nik’s new car! Mainly this has made me happy because it has made him soooooooo happy. When he started his new job in December he got a company car that he wasn’t to keen on. It has now been replaced with this bad boy! and he is over the moon. I’m also on the insurance, so will get to test drive it as soon as I get out of my pyjamas


  • Saturday night so that means take away night. Tonight’s chosen dish is Chinese Takeaway…………….here is our feast!


  • Not forgetting my weekly aloud bottle of wine! (may try to make this one bottle stretch to tomorrow as well!) I used to drink two a night!!


Big Boho Happiness Love

Kelly x

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