365 Happiness Project: The Launch

Hello there and welcome along to my new project the 365 Happiness Project! This is a totally personal project which I thought would good to share with you all.

365 Happiness Project

In my attempt to spread a little positivity and happiness across the internet each day I am going to be adding at least 1 thing onto the blog that has made me happy that day, even if I am having the most worst of days I will still have to find something that has made me smile, or has made me thankful…………so as you can see a personal project for myself if nothing else.

The idea came from the 365 photography project and the #lifeisbeautiful that has made it’s way onto twitter. Now I’d love to get involved in the 365 photography project where every day you take  a photograph of your day, but to be honest with you I spend many days on end just sat at my computer and i don’t think that is going to be very interesting to anyone. I have already started to take part in the #lifeisbeautiful has tag on twitter so I guess this is going to be an extension of that.

365 Happiness Project

I have started this year  with a great amount of positivity and I really want to keep this up!……….so the 365 Happiness project has been born! I guess really it’s going to be a working progress, so you will have to bear with me as I find my feet, but I plan to share with you, my photos, my thoughts, songs, images…..anything really that has put a smile on my face!

So do join me on my journey through the year, I’m really excited and I can’t wait to be able to look back at the end of the year at all the things that have kept me smiling through0ut the year.

To find my daily happiness Posts click on the 365 Happiness project link in the features menu. The daily post won’t be coming up in the main body of the blog.

365 Happiness Project

Big Boho Happiness Love
Kelly xx


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    Kristin Struve Photography

    Yay! What a great idea for a project, looking for the things to be grateful and happy about! And optimism is such a great source of inspiration, and inspiration is the source of success. Good luck with your project, I look forward to reading your happy moments over the coming year! xxx

    Katy Thomson

    I LOVE this idea! : ) Perfect way to bring a HUGE amount of positivity to 2012. I think I will join you on the journey.


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