Ask The Experts: Honeymoon in Greece – How Much Does it Cost and How to Save Money

If you want to spend your honeymoon in an idyllic location, you probably wonder how much a honeymoon in Greece costs. You will be surprised to know that prices vary. For example, a honeymoon for two in Greece can cost from $1,000 for budget-friendly options to over $3,500 if you want a luxury stay for seven days.

In this guide below, we can see how much a honeymoon in Greece costs and a few tips on how to spend your budget.

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How much does a honeymoon in Greece cost?

The cost of your honeymoon in this beautiful country depends on many factors. Peak seasons of June, July, and August are more expensive, and the shoulder months, meaning the months of March through May and September through October tend to be more affordable. As mentioned above, a Greek honeymoon can cost $1,000 to $3,500. A few hotels cost about $1,000 per night. There are also more affordable choices.

Greece honeymoon budget

If you organize your budget to travel to Greece, you can avoid unexpected expenses. To achieve that successfully, you have to keep in mind your personal needs and preferences. We can see below how much each one of your activities costs:

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The time of year you are traveling and your point of departure plays a big role in the cost of your airfare. While many people prefer traveling during the busiest time of year, which is early July to August, when summer is at its height, a ticket for two may cost up to $1800.

Travel in the fall (September to November) can help you guarantee the best bargains and better weather. The warm but not hot weather is one of the best seasons to visit Greece during this time of year.


Depending on your vacation requirements, Greece offers a wide range of lodging options for you to select from.

Hostels are another option, with prices ranging around $35. Also, you might reserve more luxurious options, like all-inclusive resorts for couples in Greece. The whole number of days you stay will influence how much your Greece honeymoon will cost, so pick your budget carefully.


Greek food is a culinary adventure that perfectly captures the diversity and energy of a seaside vacation. You will probably be attracted to frequent local eateries because the menu features a variety of traditional foods and seafood.
A restaurant dinner can range from $13 to $22. This number may be different due to these factors:

  • Which island or location in Greece are you staying on?
  • The kind of place you are dining in (luxury, taverna, etc.)
  • If you wish to upgrade your order to include an alcoholic beverage.


There are many things to see and do in Greece, like visiting the Greek islands with the infamous and exquisite beaches. There are also a lot of activities to do, like scuba diving, windsurfing, boat cruises, or roaming around the islands. The prices may be different, depending on the activities you choose and the area you visit. Also, if you are staying in an adult-only resort,  join lots of fun activities to help you get to know the area.

However, the best way to organize your budget is to research all the cultural activities fees, like museums, and plan them from there.

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Affordable Greece destinations

Mainland Greece is less expensive than the islands. A few Greek islands are also more expensive than others, like Mykonos or Santorini. Affordable destinations are Crete, Agistri, Kythnos, Lefkada, Ikaria, Poros, and Tinos.

How can  you save money while in Greece

Avoiding the busiest times of year to travel is one of the best methods to minimize costs. Pick the shoulder seasons to get substantial airfare and hotel savings. It can also facilitate the reservation of popular eateries and activities. Think about visiting Greece in April, May, early June, September or October. These months guarantee an inexpensive and enjoyable honeymoon with low prices and warm weather. Consider having a tailored honeymoon trip in Greece, which is often cheaper and easiest to manage according to your needs and preferences.

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A honeymoon in Greece provides an unmatched fusion of romance, excitement, and cultural diversity.  The cost of a honeymoon may vary. Traveling in the shoulder seasons can improve your trip and save you money. A Greek honeymoon is much more than simply a vacation; it’s an adventure through a place of myth, beauty, and romance.




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