Find an Engagement Ring From VANBRUUN That Suits Your Style

Find an Engagement Ring From VANBRUUN That Suits Your Style

This year, the consistent theme for engagement rings is uniqueness. We strongly believe a ring should be an extension of our style. However, while trends come and go, timelessness lasts forever – just like your uniqueness. You would not want to change yourself every year just to fit in, would you? That is why we do not consider uniqueness a trend; it is timeless. Instead, we see it as an emphasis and encouragement to express yourself daily and everywhere.

At VANBRUUN, we allow you to express your unique style with our engagement rings. We offer a variety of options that can either be customized to your liking or chosen from our selection of modern and timeless designs. 

Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off “ to avoid over-accessorizing. Your engagement ring should not be the thing that needs to come off. That is why we have created engagement rings that will not force you to change your style for the sake of the ring. Instead, our rings adapt to your style.

Find an Engagement Ring From VANBRUUN That Suits Your Style

Let the ring represent YOU

It is up to you as the ring bearer to decide how you want to express your uniqueness. Rather than presenting you with the top ten trends to follow, we offer modern options that cater to different personalities, providing you with inspiration and guidance.

For the flamboyant type, you might like colourfulness and patterns and have the confidence to stand out. However, do not let your style end at your sleeve; let it continue to your fingertips with a coloured gemstone engagement ring.
If you are classy and prefers a minimalistic and timeless look without going overboard, choose a solitaire ring. It will remain just as relevant in 100 years as it is today.

We suggest a pear-shaped stone engagement ring for those with a feminine style, characterized by flowy dresses and fitting blouses. Garments with neutral tones, and hints of pink and red. The stone is an excellent choice as it adds an element of sophistication and femininity to your overall style. Additionally making your fingers look more elongated and slim. Depending on your mood for the day, you can also choose which way you want the diamond to point.

Find an Engagement Ring From VANBRUUN That Suits Your Style

Finally, for the self-made types who want to step out of the box and let their imagination run wild and free. Design your own engagement ring that you can proudly say you made yourself. It could become a piece of art you can name whatever you want, and who knows? You might “accidentally” create a new trend, where your ring suddenly becomes the most sought-after.





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