Boho Pins: Top 10 Pins of the Week from Boho – Asian Weddings

Happy weekend everyone! Today I have the pleasure of bringing you our weekly edition of Boho Pins, and I have a gorgeous selection of images from Asian weddings for you. Full of jewel tones, gold and glam, there’s a range of inspiration from fusion to fashion. I’ve attended a few Mehndi celebrations in the run-up to friends’ weddings and love all the rituals, the celebrations that stretch for weeks and the family involvement. I hope you enjoy our selection!

Bohopins kelly Boho1

Image Source via Adrienne Gunde – Oh my this is just amazing! not only the elephant but the colours, the couple, what a totally fabulous wedding photo.


Image Source via Nisha Ravji Photography – This Indian Fusion New Zealand Wedding is jaw dropping. I espically love the white sari’s worn by the bridesmaids, so stylish and the detailing is amazing.

Day 1 of Philippa & Anurag's indie wedding at Bendooley Estate in Berrima.

Image Source via  Hilary Cam Photography – Such fun in this beautiful Hindu Wedding. So many amazing traditions are followed, all going to make up an amazing story on the day


Image Source via  Matt Parry Photography – The joy on this couples face is priceless, what an amazing day


Image Source – Beautiful bride with her beautiful bridesmaids, the vivid colours really are quite something.

Bohopins LAURA Laura1

Image Source via Erich McVey – I absolutely adore the textures and colour combination in this couple’s wedding finery. Amazing!


Image Source – Clearly one of Kelly and my favourite weddings, I love the light capatured in this image from Hilary Cam Photography


Image Source via Christina Szczupak – The look of joy and love is clear on this couple’s face! Another very colour coordinated pair.


Image source – The grooms in this same sex fusion wedding compliment each other perfectly… with matching grins!


Image Source – Finally, I think these elephant place holders are a perfect addition to a Hindu wedding. So cute!



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